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  1. Noob needs help with c++ 2d game programming.

    Ok, thanks, I will try to create new tic-tac-toe game, becouse I dont have it in my PC
  2. Noob needs help with c++ 2d game programming.

    Thanks a lot! TheMagicalPot - Could You give me Your skype? I want to chat with good game dev
  3. Noob needs help with c++ 2d game programming.

    Thanks bud I will check the website, any more opinions?
  4. Noob needs help with c++ 2d game programming.

    I want to make simple 2d rpg game, with monsters, items, charakters and more... Yea, I will learn in this process, I made tic tac toe game, which graphics should I use? And maybe You can suggest me ebooks.
  5. Hello all! I am good in C++, I want to learn something about game developing. I want to start creating simple RPG game, than update this game and start creating better game , I am just 14 years old , c++ learning about 1 year, readed 2 books. It will be better, if You can give me some ebooks to start reading them and trying Waiting for reply. Sorry for my poor english :| lietuvis002
  6. Unity 3D

    Hi, I want to start making games with unity 3d, now I am downloading it, I readed one book. Maybe someone knows ebook where is a good tutorials to start with JavaScript game creating, thanks a lot
  7. Spider Solitaire!

    Great work man, congrats
  8. Help me, please.

    But Unity 3d needs JavaScript, yes? I can start study JavaScript, I thin its easy language
  9. Help me, please.

    Thanks, should I try Unity 3D?
  10. Help me, please.

    So, Hello . You see I am new here. I know C++ basics and HTML, I want to start games developing, BUT can anyone suggest me something like ebooks? I readed OGRE ebook, but OGRE dont work for me Waiting for reply, thnaks