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    Computer help please im stuck..

    Thank you Barbossa problem solved :)
  2. chris3d165

    Computer help please im stuck..

    Hello kind Dev's  My father bought a new machine, which came with windows 8, but he had asked me to take it off and dual boot windows 7 and windows xp to it,So i got the windows xp disk and went up to install that 1st so i had went through the Xp setup and formatted the drive and made 2 partitions and installed xp on the smaller partition, so after i installed and setup xp which works fine now, i went and tried to install windows 7 but when i tried to install windows 7 on the other partition it told me the disk was mbr and needs to be gpt now the only issue is i cannot convert it... i tried using tools and cmd but it cannot change it.. any idea on what i could do to fix and run those 2 os's dual boot?
  3. Wow this is some incredible feed back thank you everyone, and now i will give him the right stuff in fact ill take him to the forum and have him read this for him self the funny thing is i didn't tell him i am going to do this. I really do would like to thank each and everyone of you again though for you'r kind replies and great inspirational stories especially the the stories it's not everyday a stranger open's up to help someone along with sharing their personal experiences.That is also the big reason why i came here because great dev's look out for each other :) you have given hope and in times of desperation that is one of the most valuable emotions to posses right now so goodbye i hope i always run into people like you, for troubles of other's and my self.
  4. ill tell you one thing the kid love's 3d modeling hes a blender addict and does some pretty good stuff as he's more visual but the logic just isn't coming in , and please don't say that lmao were trying to find way's to help him mainly in the math area.
  5. Hello All For This Topic I Would Like To Ask The Following To Help A Family Member With Big Dreams but lacks the skills in mainly math  :   1. How would you motivate this young soul who stopped trying because he's absolutely horrid at math ,sophomore(10th grade) in High school to pursue his dreams as a mobile game developer .   2. How do i convince him that he dosent need to be a math expert to do game development... i already told him about engines not needing any hard programming at all how ever he feels if he can't do it like the big guys in the industry then its not worth it.   3. What Books would you have him study for his math issues he said he's only decent in algebra everything else in higher math levels he fails. (he hasn't showed me any proof he even knows algebra well enough but ill trust him that he knows something in it and i will be buying these books for him so lets not go wild here :).   )   4. How do we Make him Interested in actually wanting to learn often because he said he will often lose focus and not do much math at all because its boring.
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