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  1. 3DS MAX vs BLENDER for GameDev

    Haha i remember when i first asked this question well similar anyways. but to back to the question to be honest their both great packages to use how ever 3ds max which btw is my favorite, cost money of course i believe $3500 is the cost but if your just learning for now then go ahead and make a student account and grab a free 3 year copy and buy it if your comfortable with it and ready to sell stuff, whiles blender is free i get the idea you might have figured this out already soo yeah lets get to the good stuff 3ds max does it all and is pretty dam easy to use they keep it simple and easy to get around it makes modeling a breeze when i started out i just played with everything to see what it does hah i was 14 i didnt know better but then i did what just about everyone should and did loads of tutorials and i fell in love with it sometimes id work from 10 in the night untill 7am next morning hah those were the days but yeh on the other hand blender is a bit hard to get used too at first and can be daunting at times when starting but it does almost as much as max pretty much anything it lacks a few small features but overall is a great program i use it when i get bored of seeing max but yea to the last question when you said extreme details you have to remember this you wanna keep your models pretty simple.. using a bucket load of geometry on you'r models by that i mean polygons will just slow your game down which is what you dont want.. what you will end up doing is using stuff like normal maps which for example would make a flat surface like a plane for example seam to have those little details you see in bricks and the fine creases and i gotta say i love how well udk simulates this effect but just to clarify that last question between the two software they both can do just as much detail its just how well you can model really..start simple really i suggest you go here this guys a great person and really did a great job teaching various 3d software come check it out go to the playlist and see what it offers and 3ds max but you of course mr can do your googling hah id give you all my sites but im getting late for my road trip soo yeh all in all their both great ,gives you the same amount of detail , 3ds cost cash but u can get for free threw student none commercial license ,blender totally free but hard to get used to at first and you just gotta learn learn and love doing it and apply dont just watch the tutorials try out the operations on your own objects next dont reinvent the wheel bud there's a ton of sites giving you free models but if you wanna do the work then knock your self out its pretty rewarding i might add but yea go play with both and see which you like id personally use max and dont forget the big companies probably wont use blender they would prefer industry standards like max or maya soo yea honestly i would go for max but now the rest is up to you