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  1. Game Engine Basis Choices

    [quote name='taylorsnead' timestamp='1342514394' post='4959927'] Everyone in that thread said that Unity Pro is required, which costs $1500. I'm looking for something free. [/quote] Pricing is another issue ... Think about develop a Game Engine, it's a very hard thing if you mean to build it from the ground up, so using a graphics api such as Ogre3D would be a minor problem for you in this scenario. The other choice would be develop the needed code to act for OpenGL and DX as a wrapper or adapter design patterns, but as I said, this is a hard task not only to develop, it's hard to test You can do this for learning purposes, but if you want to go "pro" my advice is to choose an existing game engine
  2. Game Engine Basis Choices

    You can use C++ in Unity3D, there's no problem about it.