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  1. Hello, this is my first post here. I want to make a game where it is possible to battle on a planets surface and also in the surrounding solar system/s and planets. If possible, Ogre3d would be used. I am not great in graphics, more in gameplay stuff, so I wanted to ask if someone has already developed some stuff I could use. It would be great, so I could concentrate more on the gameplay. Also, tutorials would be great. Possibly with Ogre3d or another free graphics engine. Water must not be great, but possible and ready to extend. Requirements are: - Atmosphere - LOD generation. - Terrain generation based on a seed Value (same Value=same terrain), so only the value has to be saved in the database. - Planetary Gravity - Buildings/Plants/Trees should be possible to put on surface. - if possible some terrain collision code, I don't know how to do this. Is this done with physics? I am using MS VC 2010 Express with Ogre 1.8.0 - cannot use geometry shaders! Project ist all fresh, nothing done so far. I used ogre in the past but not...much. Any help with this would be great. Thanks in Advance