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  1. Hey and thanks. Is JS usable for multiplayer browsergames too? I mean like you register with your E-Mail, do some quests, level up, meet friends and hold your progress every time you log in again (Database holds it ofc).
  2. Hello together, I've tried to make one of the old/typical browsergames by my own with html, php, sql. Because im pretty new to this staff I couldn't finish this project due to no experience and some problems. Then I startet to search browser based game engines... and found some buggy sh1t hehe Now I want you all to ask this: 1) Do you know an engine, wich comes with the following features (see for ref): - character (creation, leveling, attributes) - quest (random quests, story quests) - pvp (arena, massfight/guildfight) - guild (permissions, bonuses) - items (shops, inventar) 2) If not, is this forum the right place to get some experienced help with php browsergames? I know ofc that point 1) is much. Maybe you know something that matches a bit of them. I learned some other things better by getting some small and made it great. Thanks cu