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  1. Hey all, Been seeing announcements around mobile social platforms like [url="https://developer.gree.net/en/"]GREE[/url] and [url="https://developer.mobage.com/"]Mobage[/url]. Just wondering if anybody's taken a look / downloaded the SDK, etc.? Looking to see if some of these tools will help our games and wanted to see if anybody else had investigated. Thanks!
  2. Sales Figures?

    Almost none of the sites provide sales figures, they do tend to provide ranking information on downloads and, in the case of apple, top grossing games. I suggest using AppAnnie as a good source of ranking information worldwide. Since this industry, like so many others, is dictated by an 80/20 rule (or something really close), I suggest googling around for an estimate and back calculate the daily revenue of say the iTunes store. Then apply it to a power curve to estimate the daily revenue of games in the top 200 listing. Its not completely accurate of course, but it provides you an indication of how much money is made at what ranking daily.
  3. Marketing help for my game

    If you have a little bit of money to spend, you could use usertesting.com. They send a video with voiceover from a user of someone using your app (could be a web app, a mobile app) within an hour. I think they run $39 per video. I've not used them myself, but I have friends who have said that this is part of their standard development methodology
  4. Team communication software

    I'm a big fan of Zoho for project management if you've got a lot of teams operating remotely. It nicely hooks into Google mail and sets up calendar appointments and tasks as reminders. Its also super cheap