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  1. passing a value from one class to another

    [quote name='FantasyVII' timestamp='1342626478' post='4960521'] Hello I have 3 classes:- 1-Tile Class 2-Map Class which is inheriting from Tile Class 3-Enemy Class Now I want to print out the variable DesertTileRec.X in Enemy class. How can I do that? when I try to print it my game crash and tells me "Object reference not set to an instance of an object". this is because I didn't call all the methods in the map class in my enemy class. I don't want to call the methods of Map class in Enemy Class because I already did that in my Main class. I just want to print that variable without calling Map class again in my Enemy Class. If I print DesertTileRec.X in my main class it works becuase I have called all the Map class methods. Is there a way to pass that varible from Main class to Enemy Class? [/quote] Why not declare the function that will use the member variable as a friend of that class or you could just have the enemy class as a friend of the main class?
  2. you can use the string::find() member function as I do below to check if the string contains "tiffany" which would remove all of the other superfluous checks. You could search for the minimal accepted permutation of the name, even just "tif" (just in case she can't spell her name correctly). #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <algorithm> using namespace std; int main(void) { string username; cout << "Hello \n"; cin.get(); cout << "What is your name? "; getline (cin, username); cout << "Your name is: " << username; cin.get(); [i]transform(username.begin(), username.end(), username.begin(), ::tolower); if (username.find("tiffany") != username.npos)[/i] { cout << "Your name is Tiffany... \n The Creator has a message for you: \n I love you Cupcake"; cin.get(); } else { cout << "Your name is not Tiffany."; cin.get(); } }