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    New engine, new problem

    That's a good idea, to move them to the vertex shaders. I might try that later on! For now, I fixed the problem by disabling my beautiful clouds. I still don't know exactly if the problem lies in my angel calculation (I tried rainbow tables to no avail so this would suggest not) or the transparency (I would think this would be fixed by disabling the depth buffer.. but it was not). Edit: As one sees, I am a newb with OpenGL - why did i not think about using them vertex shaders "
  2. Kajos

    New engine, new problem

    Nope, I was wrong. I think it's the alphablending.. I wish there some magical GPU profiler
  3. Kajos

    New engine, new problem

    Disregard, it's the angle calculation which is too heavy I think.
  4. I'm currently working on a new engine as a side project. It's very much a proof of concept, however the concept is almost proven You can see some videos of it in action here: http://www.youtube.c...d voxelrenderer However when I have 64x64 quads, the GPU has trouble handling this. I use a very light (post,on framebuffer and one on each item) shaders, which I tried disabling to no avail, so I think it's just the quantity. I think that 64x64 quads a modern GPU should be able to manage though, are there any tricks maybe to lighten the rendering? Other than just lowering the resolution? EDIT: (Also I do not know if VBO's would help in this case, I presume not, but even if it would I can't use them because I need to calculate the angle about each frame) I use GL_ALPHA on each item. Would it help to disable the depthbuffer and to render everything synchronously (although this will be a pain to make)?
  5. Dear Tom, Thank you for your time replying my question. I read the links and get the idea that a lot of factors are involved and it's hard to give answers to because of this. Maybe I can view a portfolio of someone established in the gaming/media industry, and see where the crucial points are? I heard enrolling in opensource projects can help, I'm having that as one of my goals. I usually work on personal projects: I have a precomputed voxelrender, might be interesting here. [media][/media] I know this question is pretty arbitrary as well; but is it common for developers nowadays to start indie games by themselves alone? Could one see this as a safety net (of passion)? Greetings
  6. Hello gamedevs, I'm hoping for some input about my next masters degree. It would save me time if I knew before August. I'm thinking about a master in Game And Media Technology or High Performance Distributed Computing. I feel that the first would be the fun one and the second would be the moneymaker. Are there any people out there that chosen a study and wished they'd be working in the game and media industry? Or the other way around? And would a master in game and media development even really pay off? Will companies take it seriously? I consider myself a reasonable programmer, however is this sufficient to work in a larger game company? Does one need to be in their 30's and hardcore at what they do? I'm currently based in the Netherlands, however I do not mind looking for work somewhere else in the world if needed. Game And Media Technology website: http://www.uu.nl/faculty/science/EN/education/masterphd/gsons/masterstudents/programmes/gameandmediatechnology/studyprogramme/Pages/default.aspx HPDC website: http://www.vu.nl/nl/studiegids/2012-2013/master/c-d/computer-science/index.asp?view=modulegroep&id=50049266 I am sorry about all the questions, however a very large part of my future is depending on this choice and I'm trying to get some ground Thanks, Kajos PS I will checkout the other posts as well now, as I see some interesting ones
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