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    How to open a Lgo file?

    I am playing a game called Tales of Pirates, its a very nice game.I'm interested on creating a new sword, I mean a new texture.I have done this before like changing stuff and recoloring, but this time I want to create a completely different texture.I made the texture and it looked awesome.But seems that the texture is connected with a model file which tells the game what is the texture's model(shape), so in game my sword shows like theone I edited but with the shape of the old one.It looks like on the picture below.The colored one is my sword but the white space its the old shape of the sword, the shape which is stored on the model file.The next thing I did was locating the model file and open to edit it. I noticed that the model file is in a format .lgo which is completely unknown for me and for windows.I don't know which program can open that kind of model.I think its Maya I will try l latter.Next thing I did was opening this model with an Hex editor.Seems that this is a format of model with codes.I think LGO stands for List Geo Output I am not sure. I would really appreciate if someone who has experience with this could show me how to open and edit this model This is how my new sword looks on the older model. This is how the texture file looks I know I can create a new sword as some people can and did it.
  2. HomeLine

    How to open a Lgo file?

    Ok, Thank your for all your help and support
  3. HomeLine

    How to open a Lgo file?

    Yes I can do that, there you got one .Log file. I uploaded them somewhere else as the forum won't allow me to upload those kind of files... http://www.sendspace.com/file/ykrd6q-------------< You can download it there
  4. HomeLine

    How to open a Lgo file?

    I know how to edit the texture and recolor it and stuff, but I wan't to make a new texture now with my desired shape, in order to achieve that I will need a new model also which I don't know how to make or edit.The model is a .Lgo file.A guy who knows how to edit them converts them into .obj and then edit them.Check this video out...
  5. HomeLine

    How to open a Lgo file?

    I got the idea how to edit them.First I need to find a way to convert this Igo file into a obj file and open it with 3d max.But I still didn't find the way.After that I need to find a way now to convert .obj to .lgo x.x
  6. HomeLine

    How to open a Lgo file?

    They are not telling the secret. Thank you for moving my thread [/quote]
  7. HomeLine

    How to open a Lgo file?

    You might get better results asking some of these people how they did it. [/quote] They are not telling the secret.Can you tell me the link to this kind of forum of Visual Arts?
  8. HomeLine

    How to open a Lgo file?

    It think you can edit it with a program called Microsoft Logo if I am not wrong but I don't even know if its the right program or the right way!
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