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    Contacting media?

    Hello,   I am the Lead Programmer of the upcoming game Karmaflow. We started an Indiegogo campaign and are trying to raise funds for the music, because this will be a big part of the game. We did not start full production of the game yet, because we first want to know how many musicians we can involve (pay). The game will be made with or without a successful indiegogo campaign, but if the campaign is successful we would be able to pay more awesome musicians! Please take a look on our indiegogo page if you like to know more!   Now we are trying to spread the word about our project. But it seems like the most game websites are not picking up on our story, we send them a press release and it also appeared on websites such as gamepress, but the majority of game news websites doesn't seem to pay attention. I understand it might be less interesting for them to talk about a small project that did not even start production yet, then for example GTA V or whatever big news they like to post. But in the other way this makes it difficult for new developers to let the world know about their game.    Which next step would you take? Thanks in advance   Alexander   Our indiegogo page: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/karmaflow
  2. SoulRyder

    Contacting media?

    Thanks for the advice!
  3. Hello,   I am working on a game in Flash, and I started the project a while ago and just picked it up recently. But back then I chose to use the flash engine Flashpunk to create the game, because someone told me it was very helpful for making a flash game. In the end I dont see much reason why I would use it ever again, because I could have done the same thing in Flash, next to that Flashpunk doesnt exist anymore so I cant find much specific information about developing for flashpunk anymore..   Now I almost finished the project before, but there where still some things left to do. I thought I already fixed the low fps issues, but I guess I did not because they are still there.   Now when i run the game the amount of entities always stays around 130 -300 entities (Including all particles) and the Memory seems to start at around 70mb and then increase to somewhere around 150mb, and then it suddenly goes back to 70 and starts increasing again. The FPS is 60 when nothing is happening, but when i start moving or when alot of enemies appear it can sometimes drop to 30-20FPS.   Its a simple game, apart from some enemies appearing and shooting them down nothing much is happening, also no difficult calculations or anything. I might be doing something wrong but I do not think my code is too heavy or something like that.   The game is playable, but I have a PC that runs most new AAA games on high settings, and a simple 2d flash game is slow when more then 10 enemies (which consist of 1 image and some sounds) appear... Does anyone have any tips or ideas what the problem could be?   Thanks in advance   Alexander
  4. SoulRyder

    Flash(Punk) Low FPS issues

      Thanks for your reply, I dont know exactly how the images are loaded because i dont know exactly how this is done by flashpunk. And I just use the way Flashpunk says I should load images etc. Moving the sprites is done by changing its x and/or y values bij elapsed frame time and some of the sprites are also turned by angle. And no I am not anywhere changing the size of an image during gameplay, I only use spritemap (Flashpunk class) for animation.   I think the answers to your questions can be found in the flashpunk engine (I guess) because the way i am loading images etc are all done the way the tutorials of flashpunk said I should do it.   https://github.com/ChevyRay/FlashPunk/tree/master/net/flashpunk   Adding enemys is done by FP.world.add(new Enemy());   moving the enemys for example in my code is done every frame like this:   //variable speed declaration in the class constructor private const YSPEED:Number = 85; //update code: y += YSPEED * FP.elapsed;
  5. Hello,   I am working on a game, and we are creating this in Unity, and we are planning to use SmartFoxServer for the multiplayer. The multiplayer is a turn based game, similar to Draw Something or Wordfeud.   Now I can test SmartFox trough localhost on my pc, but I dont know how to test it on mobile devices without hosting smartfox on a remote server. Now I found Amazon EC2, and this looks like a very good choice, and it even has a free version to try it out!   But if you want to use the free version, you still have to give in your credit card details. Now at first I do not have a credit card (I am dutch and in my country not every one has a credit card)... Second I am not the one who is going to pay for the servers when the game is released, and third Amazon says and I qoute  So because I do not have alot of experience with this kind of services I do not dare to use some one elses credit card just to try out the service. because if I accidently go beyond the free tier he will have to pay because of that.   Does anyone know another service like Amazon EC2 which can be used for Unity and SmartFox, where I do not have to give credit card info or something?   Thanks in advance!   Alexander   EDIT: Lol, first thing I see after posting this topic is a advertisement of Cloudant. Would this be a good choice?
  6. Hello,   I am working on a game created in Unity3D and I am familiar with programming for games, but I have never really worked on network functionality for any kind of multiplayer before. And I would like to have some advice how to start with this. I am the only programmer in our team, and even though most programming problems I always see as a challenge, to be honest working with networking always seems a bit more difficult and scary to me.   The multiplayer functionality of the game works somehow similar to Wordfeud or Draw Something. A turn based game where you can challenge friends or random players to play a game with you. Everytime someone makes his/her move, confirm it, and then the other player makes his/her move etc.   Now I was first looking into network engines like Photon, but someone told me I would be better off, and alot cheaper if I just work with databases. But I am wondering if you have alot of players on those databases, wouldnt you still need some sort of big server where all players can connect to?   I have some experience with databases concerning webdesign, but nothing in the field of games. So what I am looking for is some tips sending me in the right direction into creating a turn based game for android and ios in unity3D   Thanks alot in advance!   Alexander  
  7. SoulRyder

    Turn Based Mobile game

    Wow thanks alot for all the replys! Im definitly helped with this and will look into all options and find out which option works best for me! :D
  8. Hello, I am working on a mobile game in Corona SDK and I want to make a controller for moving the character similar to the one used in the Grand Theft Auto 3 mobile version. Example in the left corner: http://2.bp.blogspot....320x480-75.jpg What happens now is, I create an object on the screen where the user touches the screen. It remembers the x and y position from where the player starts touching the screen. Now when the user moves his finger it will follow the users finger this works fine. But now i want it to keep following the direction of the finger after the finger reaches a certain distance from the starting position. Now I know how to calculate distance, but how would I make it too keep following the direction of the finger, but not follow it completely after for example a distance of 30 pixels from the starting position. So it stops at 30 pixels from the starting position, but if you would draw a line from the start position to the users finger position, the control object would be on the same line, but not further away then 30 pixels from the starting pos. What i have now is this: local moveControls = display.newCircle(0,0,10) local moveCntrStartX,moveCntrStartY = 0,0 moveControls.isVisible = false Runtime:addEventListener("touch", onTouch) function onTouch(event) if event.phase == "began" then placeMoveControls(event.xStart,event.yStart) return true elseif event.phase == "ended" then removeMoveControls() return true elseif event.phase == "moved" then moveMoveControls(event.x, event.y) return true end end function moveMoveControls(xPos,yPos) local dx = xPos - moveCntrStartX local dy = yPos - moveCntrStartY local distance = math.sqrt(math.pow(dx,2)+math.pow(dy,2)) if distance < 30 then moveControls.x, moveControls.y = xPos,yPos else --Here I do not know how to calculate that the moveControls are still "pointing" at the users finger, --but are not going further away then 30 from the start position. end end function removeMoveControls() moveControls.isVisible = false end function placeMoveControls(xPos,yPos) moveCntrStartX, moveCntrStartY = xPos,yPos moveControls.x, moveControls.y = xPos,yPos moveControls.isVisible = true end
  9. Thanks alot!!! We where going to use corona sdk for development. But prse looks good too, but do you know if you need the Pro version of Parse? Or can you get away with the Basic version if you dont know yet how many users you will have?
  10. Hello, Me and my team are in the concept phase of a mobile game, and one of our options would be a game where people have the possibility to connect to other people online. The game itself wont be close to anything like Songpop or Word-feud, but the technical part of connecting to other players will have something that could be compared to the way it works in Songpop or Word-feud. This to give an idea of what kind of techniques and possibilities we are looking at. This is one of our concepts, but it sure is one we are enthusiastic about. But we don't know how much extra things we would need for this. If this is too much we will have to make a game which can be played by a person on its own without the social networking part. But if we could pull it off it would really improve our game. Now the main question is, is there anyone here who knows what would be needed to create a game like that, for example: Do we need a lot of servers to make this idea possible, and are there other important things we have to be aware off? Thanks in advance for any useful information. Greetings, Alexander
  11. SoulRyder

    Creating/modifying a engine

    Im not sure about which physics engine, but If i was you I would look around for engines that already exist like, CryEngine or UDK and modify it. Cause unless you have at least 100 people working for you, I would not go for creating a 3D engine by yourself.
  12. SoulRyder

    Upscaling 1 pixel, is it fast?

    Thanks alot for the replys! Im going to use the background color function in flashpunk now. I was just wondering if it was a good idea to do it with the 1 pixel, but not I know a bit better how it works and it doesnt sound like the best way to do it. And thanks for the tip about the BMP, PNG JPG etc. Didnt know that yet.
  13. Hello, Today i was working in FlashPunk. I couldn't find a background color function. (Its probably there but i dont really care). But instead of that i just made 1 white pixel in photoshop (cause i needed a white background) and scaled it up to the screen width and height. Now my own theory is that this should be fast cause it only has to load 1 pixel from a .jpg. But on the other side it has to calculate the scaling too. So I am just wondering, is this an efficient way to make a white background? Or is this a bad way because of the scaling?
  14. Hello, I have a question regarding character customization, my question is not related to the progamming itself. I can figure that out. But I am wondering if there is someone here with experience in character customization. And if he/she can explain me how this is usually achieved. We are currently starting with a project, and our clients asked if it was possible to add character customization to the game. I have made a customization screen (drag and drop clothes and change skin color etc.) in the past and this is not the problem. But I never made this work in a game (Where you can run around and do stuff with your customized character). My main question is: What is the best way to make the customized character work in a 2D game (If you know 3D I am also interested, but this project will be a 2D game). Making a different character with all its animations for every possible combination does not seem like a solution to me. How is this usually achieved? Feel free to ask me any questions if you do not understand something, and many thanks in advance for any usable information!
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