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  1. Hi everybody! I made a special Reddit group just for game developers! IndieGameShowCase is for game developers to showcase their games to the world! It is a great way of advertising for indie game developers like ourselves!   You can post trailers, screenshots, character bios, demos, completed games, etc!      Click here and showcase your game! http://www.reddit.com/r/IndieGameShowCase/
  2. FranklinX

    Join the Rising Empires beta test

    Is this game only for phones? Will there be a browser version? 
  3. FranklinX

    Dark Chaos

      I just got back to working on the project. I was too busy with school to do much work on the game. I would say about 1/15 of the game is actually completed. The demo doesn't feature the updated battle system. Hopefully I will have a new and longer demo available in the next few months.    Thanks for spreading the word!
  4.   You need to play more RPGs     I have played many RPGs such as Final Fantasy games, MegaMan X Command Mission, Paper Mario, Super Mario Legend of The Seven Stars, Golden Sun, etc.
  5. I don't understand why you have a problem with the battle system. Most RPG games in general use a very similar battle system with minor differences. 
  6. Actually events are "drag and drop" with the hardest aspect being :trying to figure out how many enemies are going to pop out, which map to transition to, or which switches to activate.    Last time I used RPG maker, it was EXTREMELY restrictive on what you could do. * You want a "kill count" for a specific monster ? - too bad, even hacking the game engine produces buggy results! * You want custom scripts ? - have fun trying to integrate them ! * Want real time combat ? - hahahahahahaha * You want a custom opining title ? - have fun hacking the game engine! * Want a lot of different monsters, events, or switches ? - too bad, there is a hard coded limit, and it's small [*1] ! * Want to use lot of different tile sets ? - oh well, too bad your restricted to a tiny handful of tiles for your entire game !   *1 -  I ran out of switches after 3 small maps !     I respectfully disagree about events being drag and drop.   What maker did you use? The only legal American versions are XP, VX, and VX ACE. All of them allow you to change tile sets. Many games have costume opening titles. These three latest versions allow users to create and install custom scripts. 
  7.   I agree there are many games that use the same default graphics. However, users can create their very own graphics or hire someone in the community to create the graphics.   Surprisingly there are some games with voice overs. That's right! There are games with voice actors.    There are many different battle systems in the community. Most games have a turn based on system. However, not all of the systems are the same. See the videos below. These videos are for the RPG Maker VX ACE. These are just a few of the different battle systems that have been made by users for the program.    Default Battle System-    Victor Battle System-    Battle Engine Symphony!-    Sapphire Action System IV-    That's not  true at all. There are many experienced programmers, composers, artist, and designers who use the RPG Maker. There are some users who create their own graphics for their games. Many members of the community create new battle systems, menu systems, add-ons, etc.    The system isn't completely drag and drop. The only drag and drop feature is the mapping system. You must understand how to use the program's features for creating events. Eventing isn't drag and drop. It is a complex feature that a player uses to create cut scenes, unlock new areas, continue the game's story, etc. Eventing can take hours.      I strongly agree with your point of view. I've seen many terrible game videos on YouTube. Some games should have never been created. The bad games give the community and the program a very bad reputation. 
  8. I've been a member in the RPG Maker community for 4 or 5 years. The community strongly believes that people especially game designers and players look down at RPG Maker games. Why do game designers and players look down on RPG Maker games?    I've heard many stories with players becoming upset because a RPG Maker game is for sale instead of for free. These players do not believe designers who use the program should sale their games.    Do people think the RPG Maker is a walk in the park? It takes alot of hard work to make a game with the RPG Maker. Sure, there are alot of things done for you. However, you must put it all together. That will take hours of making maps, characters, cut scenes, boss battles, etc. 
  9. FranklinX

    Dark Chaos

      Story 1000 years ago a world war known as The Great War took place. The world was once a peaceful place. People lived together in peace. They worked with one another for the better of the world. However over time people began to change. People started to have different views of the world. People did not accept the differences of other people. This led to the Great War. Many lives were lost in battle. A great power was created by the Dragon Wizards. The original purpose of this great power was made to restore the nature that was destroyed during The Great War. The power is strong enough to destroy the galaxy. No man has ever wielded such power. Since that time peace has been achieved. After the war, people who shared common interest formed nations. Many nations work side by side continue the peace on Earth. Neon was once a peaceful nation; it is the largest nation on Earth. 100 years ago a man known as Gauchet would rebel against his own nation, Neon. A nation that he once defended as a high classed knight became his foe. Gauchet attempted to overthrow the king as he believed he should be worshiped and treated as a God for his great deeds as a soldier. His attempt failed and he was banished from the nation. Many people did not understand why Gauchet changed into a power hungry man. Three years later Gauchet made his return. He led an evil army to rule the land. In the present time Gauchet has prepared his forces to rule over Earth. Gauchet’s four generals have gathered the resources to start a new Great War. Some nations have fallen to Gauchet’s might while others are barely holding a fight. Now the Dark Army has it sights on Romanica. Characters   The Allies   [spoiler] Franklin- Age 22 Class-Warrior Bio- Is a young warrior from Clarksville. Although he is not enlisted in the army, he has trained to be a knight more for pleasure instead of a true need. He is charismatic and uses scartisic humor. At times Franklin can become depress because he is inexperienced with women. Brad- Age 21 Class- Soldier Bio-He is Franklin’s best friend. In his spare time he enjoys crafting weapons. Brad feels like he lacks a personality. Audrey- Age 20 Class- Witch Bio- As a baby Audrey was abandon and was found in the woods by Mayor Rox. Audrey is deeply angered by her parents' actions. She feels her parents did not want her. Audrey is very physically attractive. Her large breast attracts unwanted attention, and Franklin often stares at them. Jayden- Age- 26 Class- Archer Bio- Jayden is a young attractive woman from Cookville. Her mother and father were killed on a ship that was attacked by the Dark Army. She hates the Dark Army for killing her family. Everyday her heart is becoming darker.   Rachel Age- 23 Rachel is a legendary Holy Paladin. Holy Paladins are some of the most powerful warriors in the world.    Jack    Age- 28 Bio- A young man with a dark past joins our heroes. Known to be a loner Axel does things his way. Once his mind is set there is no turning back   Richard Age-35 A strong minded man with years of experience.  [/spoiler]   Supporting Cast   [spoiler] Mayor Brown- Age:48 Bio-Mayor Brown is the mayor of Clarksville. It is rumored that he is the town’s playboy. Big Daddy Age: 39 Bio- This is the man with the swagger! Big Daddy is cool with our heroes! He’s like to play game on the ladies! He is also a skilled weapons maker. He has made many air ships and weapons for nations' military. Captain Favre- Age 35 Bio: Favre is a leader of a small crew of pirates! He is very boastful and extragrates his accomplishments/crimes. His crew members are Peterson, Harvin, Bryant, and Anderson. [/spoiler]   The Dark Army   Warning: A character's description maybe uncomfortable.   [spoiler] King Gauchet- Age 135 but looks like he’s in his mid-twenties. He is an elite knight who once was a top ranked knight in Neon. Yesterday he was a good man, but today he has a dark heart filled with hate and greed. He betrayed his state by trying to overtake it, but failed. However, he would return and conquer the state. Originally other states did not fear him because the problem was seen as Neon’s problem. Now the world is seeing Gauchet’s true goal in motion. Epsilon- This general is trained the ancient ways of the Dark Knights. He puts brains over fist any day. He first joined Gauchet decades ago as a young teen in the war that gave Gauchet power in Neon. Edge- Is a top general in Gauchet’s Army. Arrogant, cold hearted, and self-absorbed, Edge believes he cannot be defeated by anyone. He is one of the world’s greatest expert swordsmen. Jericho- Is a magician general in Gauchet’s Army. He uses his wisdom to dominate his opposition. He thinks Edge is an idiot. Orton- He is Jericho’s understudy. Redick- Is another mighty general under Gauchet. He is a demon knight. Demon knights are known to live up to two hundred years. He is very close friends with Epsilon and Jericho. Very little is known about his past before he met Gauchet.   Velvet- She is the deadly female general in the Dark Army. She uses her beauty to seduce her victims and is it rumored that she rapes them. Don't be fooled by her looks. She is one of Gauchet's more deadly generals. [/spoiler]   Screen Shots   [spoiler] [/spoiler]   Demos   [spoiler] Demo 1.0 http://www.mediafire.../Dark_Chaos.exe   Demo 2.0 http://franklingaming.blogspot.com/ [/spoiler]   Video Previews   Game Introduction [media]http:[/media] First Boss Battle [media]http:[/media]  
  10. Is it okay to update an announcement topic that is over 60 days old? Do I need to start a new topic about my project?
  11. FranklinX

    Dynamic Realities first Game

    Wow! I am very impressed with the artwork! I'll be following your blog to keep up with the project.
  12. FranklinX

    Dark Chaos

    Thank You! I will update the thread to keep everyone posted! I'm very sorry about. I forgot to post you need the RTP to play the game. The RTP is free and is very quick to install. Please download the VX ACE package. http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/run-time-package
  13. FranklinX

    Dark Chaos

    It's time for an update! Check out my blog for the game's new demo! Please tell me your thoughts on the demo. http://franklingaming.blogspot.com/ I made a new introduction. The original introduction was very boring with a black screen and words. Hopefully this new introduction will be more interesting.
  14. FranklinX

    Dark Chaos

    I have check it out. I'll start using the developer journal soon. Thanks
  15. FranklinX

    Dark Chaos

    I have added a new battle system. I didn't like the original battle system. It was very boring.
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