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    Disappearing text in SDL

    I never thought a memory leak could cause an error such as this. I guess I always assumed that memory leaks would cause problems more along the line of increased memory usage or the program crashing, neither of which happened. Anyway thank you for your help. And thanks to everyone who at the very least attempted to help, I appreciate it.
  2. Eric Muehlberg

    Disappearing text in SDL

    I don't work with the console. The console I work with is a drop down console of my own design. So nothing should ever reach the windows console.
  3. Eric Muehlberg

    Disappearing text in SDL

    Well fortunately there aren't many places in which console is accessed. I narrowed it down to console simply because displayConsole() is the only thing called in the loop when there is no input from the user. The only thing called that modifies the console to be precise. Aside the call of displayConsole(), this is the rest of the code that interacts with the console http://pastebin.com/RA8BGaBn
  4. Eric Muehlberg

    Disappearing text in SDL

    I wish it were so simple. Console::Issue() is only ever called when the enter key is pressed. The weird part is that the text isn't being moved. One minute it is there, the next it simply vanishes as if the program was told to stop rendering it. In displayConsole() (http://pastebin.com/aiMwqSwf) I commented out lines 12-20 and put another printS call that just prints a static phrase. When I do this the text stays on screen for as long as the console is open. I would think that if Issue() was being called I would watch my text scroll up the screen, but instead it vanishes as if contents itself is deleted.
  5. I've been creating a level editor for a 2D game using SDL in C++ and I have run into an interesting problem. I've gotten a working console implemented however after a couple minutes the text that is displayed in the console disappears, including the text I display showing the command currently being input. Does anyone have any idea as to why the text would spontaneously cease to be printed to the screen? Code snippets: http://pastebin.com/aiMwqSwf http://pastebin.com/Xzs8gSbb EDIT: narrowed the problem down to the console class acting up, not sure where to even begin looking for errors though. Console class: //Excuse my terrible console http://pastebin.com/sYUYEPRa http://pastebin.com/hvcytUqc
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