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  1. A new military strategy board game from Rising Tides Entertainment. Created by professional officers & Civil War historians in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Battle Of Gettysburg. Endorsed by [b]Major General Alan Salisbury:[/b] [i]"The app and rotating miniatures bring unparalleled military realism to this superb game."[/i] Features: - 172 miniatures of all the army corps, division, & brigade commanders along with the artillery units. - Patent pending unit counters and computer app that bring a new realism to military strategy games like never before. - Game cards with professionally illustrated pictures that bring a new element of randomness to gameplay - Comes in a collectors edition as well as a standard edition. Support the game:[b] [size=5][url="http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/432345198/tides-of-war-gettysburg-board-app-and-miniatures-g"]Kickstarter Campaign[/url][/size][/b] Rising Tides Entertainment website: [url="http://www.risingtidesgames.com"]www.risingtidesgames.com[/url]