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  1. Hello everyone, Just finished and uploaded my 2nd game for Android devices, still working on iOS version, its name DOMINIZE!, is a memory & timer game where you will have to memorize the dominoes and turn them over in pairs before time runs out. Its a conversion from an old flash game I made back in 2002. You also got online Leaderboards, you can download it for free right here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bruneras.dominize  
  2. BrunoRMarcos

    New Game: HUMMINGBIRD (android and iOS)

    Upload it to Google Play Store, here the link:   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bruneras.hummingbird   Still waiting for Apple Review, and realized that this could take up to one month :-/
  3. BrunoRMarcos

    New Game: HUMMINGBIRD (android and iOS)

    ooops!, thanks, now fixed.
  4. Hi there!, Has been a while since my last post, just say that I'm giving the final touches to my first game for smartphones and tablets called Hummingbird, the android version is now done but I haven't upload it to Play Store yet, still working on iOS version, but what is about?, well, you play as al little Hummingbird that has to get back his chicks and other wildlife to your home nest, but better check this video to see what it looks like Game plays with portrait orientation so that makes the video loose quality due to size. you can check some screenshots on my site http://www.bruneras.com I will update this post when I upload the game to Play Store and/or Apple Store so you can download it. Cheers!
  5. Beta now available! www.arcadegamestudio.com
  6. Hi everyone! I just wanted to announce that I've been working a few months now in developing a new program tool: Arcade Game Studio, made to Make and Play arcade styled games of the 80's, still maybe one or two months to release a beta, but it's coming. So if you ever wanted to make your own arcade game with the look and feel of the classic 80's, I think you will like this. I'm still trying to make it as easy as possible, you'll just need to add your sprite sheets, sounds and a little of imagination. You can check my last video here: Or go to my website and check the Arcade Game Studio section to read more. www.bruneras.com Keep tuned!
  7. BrunoRMarcos

    New Game: CAVENAUT

    Ooops!, fixed and uploaded again Thanx.
  8. BrunoRMarcos

    New Game: CAVENAUT

    Hi everyone! This is my fist post in the this forum, my name is Bruno R. Marcos and I just wanted to say hello with my last and just released game: CAVENAUT An action adventure game with a vintage shape, where you play as a spelunker entering caves, mazes, underground rivers and many more. You can download it FREE at my webpage: www.bruneras.com. or check the trailer here: [media][/media] Hope you like it! Cheers!.
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