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  1. I found this awesome recording of "Winter Wonderland" on #Smule: https://t.co/DiV4SzCeDm @SarahMcLachlan #SingKaraoke
  2. Took a nap after taking the dog on a walk. Now I am refreshed for some more music!
  3. Hey everyone! Here is my winter piece: "Winter Dance"! Hope you enjoy! Winter Dance http://t.co/gKSEHel6 on #SoundCloud
  4. Nearing a THOUSAND plays and listens on sound cloud! A major milestone in the beginning of my composition career! Thank you so much for all your support everyone!
  5. Need to finish the winter peice soon. Learning better mixing skills and training my ear for the better..hopefully haha!
  6. Goind to be getting internet at my apt soon, so I can get further on my music career a little faster. Beats going to mcdonalds every morning to get some work done! haha
  7. A super hero theme inspired piece! Hope you enjoy! Dark Hero http://t.co/gR8zx6oO on #SoundCloud
  8. Hey everyone! Still trying my hardest to be a successful media composer!
  9. Being involved on http://t.co/vako3PyQ and listening to awesome tracks of music!
  10. I'm getting a pack of http://t.co/oQjReMKu Business Cards because I've got Klout - thanks to @overheardatmoo! http://t.co/ek49nOok
  11. Hey everyone!! I'm new to game dev! Hope to be a strong contributer to the website!!
  12. Hey everyone!! I'm new to game dev! Hope to be a strong contributer to the website!!
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