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  1. Hi again sunandshadow, We sent you an email, just posting here to make sure that it doesn't get caught in a spam filter (this happens to us a lot) without you knowing. Take your time thinking it over, though. Cheers!
  2. If you'd like to participate, please send an email introducing yourself to submissions@thegamedesignforum.com and we'll talk! (Our forums were hacked and generally in disuse; we'll bring them back eventually.)
  3. If you're interested in much more numerical, much more gameplay-specific ideas, keep going into the document beyond the first couple pages. There are 23,000 and 25,000+ words in those two respective documents. Highlights include: sytematic analysis of dual tech and gameplay ease. Analysis of the impact of the stat system on character power. A new statistic (RDur) used for scoring dungeon difficulty based on survivability (relative to levels). And a host of other broad-ranging statistics. See below for some abstracted graphs. In the actual document, the are accompanied by extensive explanation and process documentation. And, of course, there's a lot more in there than what we can quote here.
  4. Hi again! Although the intro paragraph describes a lot of things that have narartive elements, the piece is most definitely about design. For example: "Lead with art! By the end of this quest, the player is finished with 14% of the quests, and 14% of the battles (crazy coincidence, huh?). But in that short span the player has already heard 47.8% of the music tracks, seen 41% of the game’s map tilesets, and fought 34% of the game’s repeating enemy sprites." Or take a look at these graphs, pulled from the piece Now to be fair, there's a lot of design dealing with the narrative because it's a JRPG, but this is not a literary critique. At least we hope not.
  5. Hey Everyone, Just sharing some book-length criticism on a couple of classic console RPGs. The Game Design Forum has been working on a project to completely reverse-engineer all the design decisions that went into classic games. The "Reverse Designs" of Final Fantasy 6 and Chrono Trigger are already out, and links are below. Still to come in the project are Reverse Designs on Super Mario World, Half-Life, Final Fantasy 7, and Diablo 2. http://thegamedesign...sign_ff6_1.html http://thegamedesign...esign_CT_1.html These could be a large, useful data resource for design work. Discuss?
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