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    Making the wilderness interesting

    [font=comic sans ms,cursive]First I would like to say that everyone here has a valid point, so here is my thoughts. As far as wilderness, it need to not only be alive, but reactive and interactive. I mean everything from when the wind changes direction to you stray to close to a flower and you scare away bugs. [/font]
  2. I agree with everyone here. You environment should help determine the mounts available. I think you off to a great start!!!
  3. Steve Tillman

    Inventory Screens...

    I really like the tab idea, either catagory or type tabs, I would also include an "info" spot where the name and description of the item is displayed.
  4. Steve Tillman

    Rock, Paper, Scissors based Action RPG

    Maybe range of attack, or maybe even some sort of pure defense.
  5. Steve Tillman

    Race In Games

    I dont think race anything to due with anything this day and age. I will say that the race is probably based on the origin of the game.
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