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  1. Just to answer the OP directly. NO, you cannot make a commercial, 3D FPS/RPG/SHOOTER/etc, IN Python. But, you CAN totally make it WITH Python.   What does that mean.  It means that you can program the game in python, and use modules that calls on lower language (like C, or even C++) to run the game for you. Panda3D is one example of this.   -Exo
  2. ""It is NOT WARGAME, while players can fight as groups in kingdom wars there is no raiding other players OF ANY KIND (no farming nobs possible at all)."   So the game isn't done then?   -Exo
  3. This is not impossible to implement, but how do you balance your Quests?   If the Quest requires the players think about what they do and research things in the game world, then that takes time. If the Quest on top of that takes the player far off, maybe even several times... (Oh this WASN'T the Gem? OK... Back across the sea I go). Then the Quest reward needs to reflect that. But what is stop a player, once the game is established, from having the game wiki up on one screen and just running the optimal path to finish all the, now very rewarding Quest? You could lower the reward, but what about the player who genuinely wants the, exploration experience?   Well The Secret World has implemented a version of this. They have static Quest givers, with symbols above (or next to) their heads. But Different symbols for different types of Quests. So there is a combat symbol for regular, kill X amount of Y type Quests. And a research Symbol for those Quests the require research and exploration. Warning the player ahead of time as to what kind of gameplay experience he is choosing.   -Exo
  4. Exodus111

    What are your predictions about the future of gaming?

    http://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey 4.25% using Windows 8 x64 Total OSX reported (all versions) : 3.26% "Linux will rise" has been the rallying call since at least 1999 when I first 'discovered' it... 13 years later I'm still waiting... [/quote] Pretty much the response of anyone who've used Linux for a long time. But think about the way Linux looks right now, vs only 5 years ago. While there are still pillars in place that is obstructing the rise of Linux, modern technology and opportunities in the market are challenging those pillars every day. And the mere fact that people have been saying Linux will rise for the past 20+ years, speaks to its potential in the market. Right now we are living in exiting times, changes are on their way that will challenge the old paradigm. Changes like the constant improvement of hardware and software, making game creation easier today then it has EVER been, look at the rise of 2D indy games, how long before these same possibilities break into the world of 3d gaming? Look at kickstarter.com right now, its happening. Change is never good for the ruling class, odds are those systems with the best survivability will be the systems of future generations.
  5. Exodus111

    What are your predictions about the future of gaming?

    My prediction for console. Ouyia will be the home for Indy console developers, while it will go unnoticed at first, the Indy world is a place for innovation and will attract attention as the years go by. My Predictions for PC: People will not migrate to windows 8. They will stay with Windows 7, and as time goes by we will see a trickle of users looking for alternatives to PC. Some will go to apple, some will go to Linux, some will go to Windows 8. All in all the Microsoft domination will never be what it was. Linux will rise. There are things happening in the world of Linux gaming that will bear fruit in the next few years.
  6. Exodus111

    Lucas Arts sold to Disney for $4 billion?!

    Lucas is donating the majority of the 4 Bill to charity. This is looking more and more like a win win. -Exo
  7. Couldn't it instead point to an OpenGL driver... no wait I see the issue with that... Ok thanks a lot mr. mhagain, and the rest of u for not laughing in my face but providing me with an honest straight forward answer to this. -Exo
  8. Hey guys, I've toyed with the idea a little more, and thanks for the CC. In the last week, I've gotten another programmer and animator/3D artist, and we have brought a couple of other things to the table that we haven't seen yet. NOTE: Please, tell me if it's in another game. I WANT to know: An inituative combat system- We are bringing a combat system into a zombie game, something I haven't seen much of. You can stab a zombie with anything from a knife to a screw driver, or you can smash their skulls in with a baseball bat. The choice is yours. Decision Process- As the story progresses, you choose decisions that could affect the outcome of the game. Will you choose to kill that person, or let them join the team? A player was bitten. Do you put him down, or try to cling on to the last bit of hope you have? This option allows you to make decisions while still being in full control of the character without making a storybook feel. Wear-and-tear system- A new system design that affects how your character progresses. Based on your decisions, your character could become very dark, or he could be a saint. Our programmer has been working ont this one for months, before we joined as a team, and it's still in production. Group effectiveness- the choices you make will decide whether the group likes you or not. Will your group hate you or look up to you? Multiplayer- You can play in Survival co-op, where you can create classes and customize your character's looks based on the currency you earn. Also, in head-to-head, you can be infected OR you can be a human. Once again, please tell me if these are in other games, and if so, what games. [/quote] Ok, sorry if my previous posts have been harsh, I only meant to inform. This is looking interesting now, let me go through ur points. Dead Island did this, putting player choice in weapon at the forefront of the game. The walking dead, this is pretty much what the walking dead game is all about, decisions decisions decisions. (not an FPS though) A binary choice between a good or an evil ending has been done a lot in RPGs, from Fable to Mass Effect. As Zombie game, id point out Fallout and Bioshock. (Not straight Zombie games but close enough) Left 4 dead focused on group effectiveness in player based environment. Part one: Borderlands (Zombie Island of Doctor Ned makes it technically a Zombie game), Part 2 sounds straight out of Left 4 dead. Ok, so most of these points are not exactly what u describe, except for point 3 and point 5 part 2, that u should look at. But, let me point out, all these features comprise some of the best features, from some of the best games in this genre over the last few years, putting these features together into one game sounds really awesome. Ambitious... yes, but awesome... Looking forward to the game. -Exo
  9. Exodus111

    Guide to bad game design

    I think the biggest issue in the gaming industry is the disconnect between the people making the design document and the ppl coding the final product. A feature that sounds GREAT on paper can easily be trite or stupid once actually enacted, furthermore the implementation for certain features might be far to costly in man hours then it might seem to a Developer with no programming experience. Unforseen events which means u gotta cut features as ure nearing release, and we see game after game released with so much potential but just not living up to it. At the very least all games should count on at least 6 months after the game is finished to tweak polish and add features before a proper release. -Exo
  10. U can use me as example thats fine, but understand that I was reffering to the comment made by the poster above me who said "Free PvP game starts from big open world without any carebear hideouts." So u kinda jumped into them middle here. That means Darkfall is out, since it had (No guards) but lightning towers protecting towns, old UO is out, as is Mortal Online and Shadowbane as all of those had guarded beginner zones as well. Eve is different by virtue of its core game mechanics.. which brings me to this.... The key word being REMEDY, like in the example I originally posted two posts up, as I said the idea of an open world PVP needs to be a part of a bigger whole. Eve Online is a game about player politics and large scale sci-fi trade. Darkfall is a game about guild vs guild poltical warfare where owning and siegeing player towns is the core mechanics of the game, world pvp is an incidental, necessary but certainly not primary part of both of these games. Darkfall is also a good example of late comers being utterly useless after the initial push, which is another effect of this mechanic that needs to be handled. (Darkfall made it worse by it skill system though). And when I say that the early players will have an easier time on the server, i mean those that are "hardcore" players, not all of them will be, but those that are will have a benefit no other players can ever match. This is true for all MMOs, even something like wow. Early players get there first, and has an advantage in building their guilds and so on. -Exo
  11. Wine being as fast as Windows, would still mean id have to run windows, as well as running Ubuntu AND my game. So while playing that is still one OS too many. Everyone thought OpenGL would crush DirectX due to its open source nature, but ppl fail to realize the importance of the gaming community as a way to maintain OS monopoly, Microsoft didnt. Consider Games for Windows, this was way before Microsoft made any game, it was merely a marketing incentive for developers to keep making Windows games. So am I to understand that the reason here is the legality, its proprietary software, Microsoft will sue, therefore its not done? Is that It? Or is there a more technical reason why its has not even been attempted since Windows 95? -Exo
  12. My point was directed at all the suggestions involving in-game incarceration, or a PK debuff of some sort as a sort of limiting factor to balance the playing field. It wont work, because players have an incentive to find a way around it, and they will. The point here is trying to create game with open pvp, that would actually work. Full open PvP from the start, would mean that u would die immidietly. There would be someone next to u, as u started the game just killing new players as they entered. Before the game would load u would be dead. Unless u can start the game in different, more random, locations, giving u a few minutes to load and trying to familiarize urself with the game before dying to a roaming group. In this setting there is no character progression, or at the very best an unfair character progression, because those ppl who started the game in pre-launch would have a progression advantage over everyone else. So in a game like that character progression is really just in the way, and might as well be removed or minimalized. The game would also suffer from any advanced combat mechanics, specifically in the player control, and would work a lot better with a much more intuitive combat system then most MMO's, or indeed RPGs. With no character progression, and a focus on intuitive combat mechanics, u might as well forgo the whole idea of an MMO and just make another multiplayer FPS. The point is there has never been an MMO that FOCUSED on world pvp, only MMOs that allowed them, u need to build an MMO around the idea of an open world PvP setting that would work as a whole, not exclude all other features, cuz ud just end up with a shooter really. -Exo
  13. Again sorry if this question is inane. But I'm a gamer, the only reason I run Windows is because I have to to play Games on it. If I could run windows games directly on a Linux OS, id go Ubuntu in a heartbeat. The reason is ofc resources, Ive got a kickass computer, but I also play top of the line games at maximum settings, Id love to not have to run the massive Windows OS as well as the game I'm playing. Which is why Wine, or any other form of box simulation makes no sense, I certainly don't want to run a Linux Os, an OS emulator, and a massive Windows OS under the game I'm playing. So whats the deal? Why cant DirectX be made for Linux? I get that its illegal, but when has that stopped the open source community? I take the Question to this forum to ask the experts, is there a technical reason why DirectX can NEVER be applied to another OS? Is it simple impossible? -Exo
  14. Exodus111

    Lucas Arts sold to Disney for $4 billion?!

    I think this is fine. Disney bought Marvel a little while back, and that proved to work out well, seems whomever is in charge of Disney these days knows his stuff. First the bought Pixar back, then Marvel, giving them marvel studios and the Avengers. Lets not forget that Disneys Television Channel ABC have doing pretty damn well as well these past few years. Trust the mouse. -Exo
  15. Exodus111

    Goals or no goals?

    All games have goals, but there's a difference between player created goals or in-game objectives. In Simcity or Minecraft you can set ur own goals, and so u give the game a lot of replayability. While an MMO like World of Warcraft has a strict level system to advance on, helping the player along into the game, but still u can see the game overall, or certain aspects of the game as part of the players goal outside of the game. (Achieving 2.2k Arena rating, Killing all the Raid bosses) While achievements are a good example of incentivising player goals with in game objectives. -Exo
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