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  1. What is your approach to utilizing, programming, or creating a character animation system (CAS)? What software have you used for CAS? In what project have you used CAS? What AI model do you use with CAS? Have you created your own CAS, programming-wise? How do you handle physics in your CAS system? Do you use inverse kinematics? In your CAS, does the AI agent respond to other moving AI agents or the environment? How? Have you used a motion field?
  2. Consider this OO game: I. All objects have position coordinates. II. The [b]Stage[/b] is the game's playground. III. [b]Props[/b] are separated equally throughout the Stage in a grid like structure. A. Props' position coordinates never change. B. Props hold a number of [b]Variables [/b]that hold value types. 1. Variables are frequently(60Hz) changed by [b]Actors [/b]as they move across the Stage. 2. Variables reset after each [b]Scene[/b]. a. Scene ends when certain conditions are met. IV. Actors are given [i]instructions [/i]at the start of the Scene to move along a certain path. A. Actors' position coordinates change frequently. B. All Actors have a name, and [i]Abilities [/i]that are defined by value types. 1. All Actors are different as can be seen by their different names and Ability values. 2. Actor abilities and names can be loaded off the [b]ActorDatabase[/b](excel?). C. Actors can [i]see [/i](one of their Abilities). 1. Their sight has a [i]depth [/i]and [i]width[/i]. 2. Their sight attributes are determined by the ActorDatabase. D. When Actors interact or collide, their Ability values need to be taken into account. E. Actor movement/steer is based on the Variables on the Props that they: 1. Can see. 2. Are next too. F. Actor movement is also based on its Abilities. Questions (C#) based on the OO game described above: 1. How do I make the Actors change the Variable values on different Props as they move across the Stage? 2. How do I make the Actors respond (move differently or execute an act) and change their behavior based on the Variables that they can see?
  3. I'm looking to create a team-sport like game where agents (the players) change the values of a, b, c variables tied to individual static (as in not moving) nodes located at x, y vertices that are organized in a grid like fashion across the playing field. Some of the a, b, c (and many more) variables are to be changed by the distance of agents within a certain radius of them, and others are to be changed by agents that are moving across the playing field while broadcasting in a predefined direction a method that will change their values (the value of the variable). The agents need to also be able to see the values of the a, b, c variables that are close to them or up to a distance ahead of them. The a, b, c variables will act as steering forces, some pulling, some pushing, and some triggering an execution of a certain act by the agent or game. I'm using C#.