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  1. Hi guys! need help with animation survey

    Hi guys, i am a student which is currently doing research and gathering data for my animation. I hope you friendly members of gamedev can help me with this game teaser for my assignment despite its poor content =X. thanks~ [media][/media] -----> Animation video [url=""][/url] -------> Survey Thanks~
  2. Need help for review on video game teaser!

    Hi guys! I have done up a video game teaser on the animation part. Please give me your valuable review and ways to improve the animation part as SFX and audio are downloaded and not done by me. Thanks fellow members~ [media][/media]
  3. Hello everyone! I am a student currently studying about mass media and one of my assignment is to obtain market information and data. Please show some support to me by helping me out with this simple survey thanks!!! And also please do visit my wordpress to express your ideas and reviews about some arts done by me thanks!!! Thanks for your help and support! have a nice day AHEAD~ [img][/img]