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  1. Need ideas for my story

    [quote name='Stormynature' timestamp='1343264160' post='4963126'] Either way I hope this helps inspire you [/quote] Yes indeed... After your post, I have all game in my head, and from this moment I can start to write simple mechanic of the game on paper, and to develop idea more and more further. I didnt even think about some passive/active defense, traps and more things like that. And, of course, it will be funny, with cute graphic elements, cartoon charcasters etc. After all, I want to thank to Stormynature and Mito for helping me, and to inform other members that I will open a new thread on this forum to write about progress of the game. Cheers
  2. Need ideas for my story

    Thank you very much. This game is a really good inspiration for my idea. But, I need more ideas just for comparation. For now, inspiration from "Paladog" game is the best
  3. Need ideas for my story

    Hi everybody ("hi doctor Nik" ) I work in flash/flex, and I have some little games in my game development history. But, I want to turn on developing for facebook. I searched over the Internet for few days with hope that I will find some inspirating post/picture for my game. And I found this: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/pets_war So, my game will be something like "Animals vs Humans" where animals after many many years of human terror decided to start a war against humans. Animals have many different kinds of weapons (mices will be regular soldiers, dogs will be heavy weapon etc.). But I have a little problem. What kind of game will be my game? It's have to be casual, and simple (becouse my market will be facebook), it must have some archivments, levels, and some estetic parts (or special war units) that players will buy for a real money. Is it the best options to be, like, I don't know "Angry Birds" based game? Or like "Plants vs Zombies"? Or something else? Pleas help me, I'm really stuck. I will be very grateful for any kind of ideas. P.S. My english is not very good but I think that you will understand what is my problem. If you can't understend what I talking about, just ask, I'll try to simplify Cheers