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  1. Hi guys, Thanks for your contributions and instructing me the different solutions. I will look a little bit the different possibilities and will see. Also, the goal is to learn the roots of OpenGL before using a framework/engine : as for C and assembly language, this is always a good thing to first learn the lower-level aspects before using high-level APIs. And from what I have read and seen, it seems that libgdx would be a good thing for later projects ... Thanks again,
  2. Ok, thanks for your reply ! Also, as I would like to really understand the internals of OpenGL and how it works, I am ready to spend some time on that topic. So, this is not really a big issue, as long as I have enough book materials that could help me. So, if anybody has some inputs that would help me, I would really appreciate :-) Greetings,
  3. Hi all, I am currently starting to use OpenGL to write a game of Android. At this time, my scene contained just cube and basic figures so I never try to look at how to render complex things in my world. But now, I have to animate a full person in my world and make it running ! So, for that purpose, I would need to know how to render a model. Because the game is targetted for a mobile platform and I think this might consume a lot of resources, I am looking for efficient solution that might not consume too much resources. So, I would like to know how to load and animate such a model, do we need to load something from an external program or is it better to do everything programmaticaly ? If we need to build and load a model, is there some tutorial and/or libraries to see how to do/proceed and what are the most efficient way to proceed ? And if I need to build my own animated model, do you have a suggestion about the tool to use ? (possibly for Linux since I am using this platform as my development platform). Thanks for any help about this, Best,
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