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  1. Why Do you need to fund money to make a game

    Its the same as everything else in the world... Something great needs a lot of resources and a lot of resources cost a lot of money. As some say, unfortunately, money makes the world go round. Generally money helps with three things; 1 - Speeds the process up 2 - Improves the quality of the game 3 - Improves publicity and as a result sales - hopefully! Obviously there are lots of exceptions and I am sure there are very successful indie games out there... The way I see it the more passionate you are about your idea, the less obstacle money is going to be.
  2. Best Minigame Ever?

    PS I think it wouldn't be incredibly difficult to develop it yourself - maybe a weekend project if you fancy it ;)
  3. Best Minigame Ever?

    I hope this counts as a minigame there are a few versions out there but the best online version in my opinion is, you essentially start out with the 4 basic elements and combine them until you have created in excess of 200 elements. An example would be combining fire and air to make steam, which in turn can be combined with something else to create energy. The game is highly highly addictive. It has a balance of humor ( you can create master yoda from starwars or super mario) as well as involving a lot of thinking (although there are ways to cheat)! other reasons why it is great is because there is no story line you can jump in as many times as you want, it costs nothing and it is very easy to get going. Give it a go!!!!
  4. JavaScript Pong is going well ... Thanks everyone for the help.
  5. Thanks Everyone! There is a lot to take in, to get going I am going to begin with Web based games. I have started a game of pong using javascript and jquery, I am trying my best to make it my own but sometimes I have cheeky peeks at different tutorials. I have also started playing with cocos2D after a great recommendation from wicked357. I will keep you updated with my pong progress and also let you know how cocos2D. [quote name='ZeroBeat' timestamp='1343141436' post='4962613'] Whatever you choose in the end, dont give up, work in small incremental steps and do stuff that you like hehe. When you are doing enjoyable things, you learn faster and things will stick better. [/quote] Will definitely remember this advice as I am on the verge of smashing my keyboard. Thanks again guys,