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    Making a 3-D world

    Thanks for the reply, my programming ability is not that great but I am not a complete newbie at it either, I did some programming in school but that's it. I just really want to make a "world" with some sort of game engine
  2. PandaNinjaRawr

    Making a 3-D world

    Thank you guys! Sorry for the late reply. Does the free version of Unity3D expire? I believe Simon answered that in his post right above yours: So the answer is yes My tip is to go ahead and try it out. Do some tutorials and see if you like it, and come back here if you have any further questions. Unity also has quite a big community that can answer the more unity related questions if you get stuck. [/quote] Oops sorry didn't see that post
  3. PandaNinjaRawr

    Making a 3-D world

    So does that mean if Unity3D doesn't have a feature I want, can I code it in?
  4. PandaNinjaRawr

    Making a 3-D world

    Thanks guys. So I guess I should start off small. How small should it be?? Oh and if I were to add something to Unity3D, could I? Like, for example if Unity3D doesn't let you have characters that can climb walls like in Assassin's Creed, could I somehow implement it (for the sake of the example pretend I am a very experienced coder) or would the person who made Unity3D not let you?
  5. PandaNinjaRawr

    Making a 3-D world

    Thanks for the replies guys! My definition of world, would be kinda like Skyrim (Don't get jump at me yet, I know I can't make a Skyrim game or anything). I'm not really sure how to explain it but I think your first sentence pretty much describes it. More complicated stuff like, idk, having an inventory, items, etc. I'll slowly add those in when I'm more experienced with programming. But my goal is to shape my own "world". I don't mind how hard modeling/texturing will be, I really want to pursue this goal. So is Unity3D C++? Oh and if I try to add stuff on is it possible to do so? (Like programming more stuff, I think the word is "Open Sourced" but I'm not too sure, hahah, I'm still just a complete Newbie).
  6. PandaNinjaRawr

    Making a 3-D world

    Hi I'm new to the forums! I want to know how hard it is to create a 3-D world in which someone can walk around in. Nothing more, just the world and you, I'm not trying to make an MMORPG or anything, but I've always wanted to shape a world of my own, and I just want to know how hard it would be to do it. Thank you!
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