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  1. RPG logic in a diagram

    Thanks Mussi, thanks Thekill, Do not worry, the link was created for you by the forum, it seems. Yes, C# looks a lot like Java from what I remember. Your link seems to be awesome for generic RPG creation tutorials! I will check it out later for sure! As I could not find (for now) a generic tool like this one , I decided I may be writing it myself. I only need to define Events (for triggering conditions), States (for conditions and in-game use), and Actions (like executing a Lua script or launching a cutscene), it shouldn't be too hard to write, worst case. Thanks all, if you have anything else in mind, I'm all ears ! Lideln
  2. Hi, I'm looking to create a simple RPG game (on Android), roughly based on "The Dark Eye" pen&paper rules (simple, I said ), and that would be a mix of Diablo 1 and Neverwinter Nights 1. And I wanted to find proper options to modelize the game "logic" : I mean the quests, sub-quests, conditions, dialogues, ... For example, I worked a few years ago on an investigation point&click game, and we created a simple Java app to create boxes representing dialogues and conditions, and those boxes where linked together : for one box to become green (available to the player), all the boxes linked to it had to be green too (logic AND). But this system is too simple I guess, and maybe could not work for an RPG. I would like to modelize the quests and conditions for quests and dialogues, so that I can parse them using (for example) a scripting language like Lua. I'm in need of generic advices, and - if possible - tools. I found this as a good example of what I may be looking for : But I'm not sure it can work with any engine, nor if I can parse the exported file. Thank you all for advices, Lideln