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  1. markadrake

    Did You Attend Any Sessions at #AltDevConf?

    Thanks Hodgman
  2. markadrake

    Dumbest coding mistakes ever

    if(x % 1 === 0) I did this a few nights back, I was up really late playign around with JavaScript and the Canvas HTML Element and for some reason needed to test if something was odd or even... This is obviously not how you do it.
  3. markadrake

    Did You Attend Any Sessions at #AltDevConf?

    Thanks for the link gfx!
  4. markadrake

    Did You Attend Any Sessions at #AltDevConf?

    Shame on you guys :/ I was hoping somebody attended the other sessions and could discuss some key points from the presentations! I guess I'll have to wait for them to put the video recordings online.
  5. markadrake

    Are there any options for using C# on a Mac OS?

    Actually there was just a session at the AltDevConf about using Mono for games. Cross Platform Game Development in C# by Matthieu Laban, Philippe Rollin, and Miguel de Icaza They'll be posting videos on Youtube soon I believe so you can still watch it.
  6. I thought this thread would be good to share highlights from #AltDevConf. That way if you didn't get the chance to attend a session or any at all, you can read everybody's thoughts and what they took away. My experience was great! I attended: Effective Marketing in the Indie Games Space Your Game Engine From the Web Intro to Producing for Mobile I enjoyed the 'Intro to Producing for Mobile' the most since it really hits home for us at OnSlaught Games. We are all holding down regular day jobs away from game development, so we easily spend 50+ hours working each week, 40 at the 9-5 and another 10+ easily during the week and on the weekend. Evangeline shared her experiences related to this situation, the importance of delegation, defining success vs failure, knowing when to quit or move on to another idea, and most of all - making money and keeping the business sustainable. What were your high notes? Sessions Now Posted (http://altdevblogada...session-videos/) Programming Track [color=#000000]The Integrated Influence Architecture - Combining Reactive and Deliberative AI for NPC Control by Luke Dicken [color=#000000]Cross Platform Game Development in C# by Matthieu Laban, Philippe Rollin, and Miguel de Icaza [color=#000000]Control, Configure, Monitor and View Your Game Engine From the Web by John McCutchan [color=#000000]Accelerating Game Physics for Heterogeneous CPUs & GPUs by Erwin Coumans (speaker declined to share) [color=#000000]Understanding the Second Generation of Behavior Trees and Preparing for Challenges Beyond by Alex Champandard [color=#000000]Real Time Area Lighting - Now and Next by Sam Martin [color=#000000]PowerVR Hardware Architecture and Application Performance Guidelines by Gordon MacLauchlan [color=#000000]Dynamic Global Illumination by Wolfgang Engel, Tim Martin, and Igor Lobanchikov [color=#000000]Game Tools as a WebApp: Lessons from Insomniac’s Next-Gen Tools and Engine by Mike Acton (Coming soon!) Education Track [color=#000000]Accommodating Diverse Learners: Designing an Effective E-Learning Platform by Dan Miller-Schroeder (Coming soon!) [color=#000000]Centred for Excellence - The Challenges Inside Abertay' Games Programmes by Ken Fee [color=#000000]Building Better Rubrics Using Game Design by Ian Schreiber [color=#000000]Educating the Next Gen. by Alex Darby [color=#000000]More than Software and Theory by Heather Decker-Davis Design & Production Track [color=#000000]Intro to Producing for Mobile: how to "go indie", actually ship an app, and not die by Evangeline Marzec [color=#000000]"Scrum Bowling" : Agile Production Methodology for Indie Teams and Student Projects by Margaret Moser [color=#000000]Creating A Positive Online Community by Ryan Arndt [color=#000000]Effective PR, Marketing, and Community Management in the Indie Games Space by Erik Johnson [color=#000000]Operant Conditioning in MMORPG's by Mike Grimes [color=#000000]Game Over! Exit Strategies for Persistent Games by Ian Schreiber [color=#000000]Junk Master Series, Design Approaches, Issues, and Best practices by Wasin Thonkaew [color=#000000]Beyond this post, these videos will continue to be available under the official AltDevConf YouTube Channel!
  7. markadrake

    Recommend me a <$500 monitor

    I wanted to go with the 24" like the above posters, but decided to purchase two Dell U2312HM, the price was decent at the time. I think Dell is still offering $60 or so off the original price (each). I'm extremely happy with the decision (though a little jealous!). I have one monitor set in portrait mode, for coding and scripting.
  8. markadrake

    Avatars and GD.Net+

    Works for me, and though I do plan on supporting GDNet I have not subscribed yet.
  9. Easiest thing to do is solicit graduates or potential graduates from local area colleges. If your looking for more of a senior position I would definitely make a job description on your site, and get it out via LinkedIn and Twitter. No cost solutions
  10. markadrake

    Avatars and GD.Net+

    but what about those custom ones ? [/quote] Haven't seen anything off the wall but there is an option to use your Facebook profile pic as your avatar when you setup Facebook Connect.
  11. markadrake

    [web] PHP include_once(...)

    You could use PHP variables in your code and just modify them later, like S2P suggested. Or in your html template put a base href value, which you can change later. <head> <base href=""> </head> <body> <img src="stickman.gif" /> </body> Note that if you start the src, or href, value with a / (forward slash) that it will still reference the domain name only. In this case, leave out the forward slash I mentioned. If you had another directory called 'gifs' for example the src above would be changed to: <img src="gifs/stickman.gif" />
  12. We are all recommending the same thing here ;) just 2 ways of doing it. But I'm glad we all agree! I wonder how formula is doing though.
  13. People typically include scripts, loader functions, etc in the bottom of the page, after the footer and before the closing </body> tag as well.
  14. markadrake

    [web] PHP include_once(...)

    I followed everything until I read this, are you sure you understood what cage suggested? For example, if I was working on my web site [color="#0000FF"] and I had a labyrinth of folders and includes, and didn't want to worry about my [color="#FF0000"]src or [color="#FF0000"]href values being incorrect, I would use aboslute paths based on my home folder. For example: <img src="/includes/img/icon.png"> No matter where this is called, it will always request "[color="#0000FF"]" no matter where this file is located, nor where the visitor is on my web site. This is extremely easy to do, Mark
  15. This is exactly what ran through my mind when I heard about this topic. I *used* to go to this site two times a day (morning, night) to read up on the latest news. And you're right, the way the news was presented made me open 4 or 5 links because it was all very entertaining and I wanted to know more. It was more of a summary telling me what I should be interested in.
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