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  1. I am beginning to program an FPS game and I have come to the part of deciding how to create the "Weapon select screen." The game will be an online game. This will use 2D models or still images as the weapon images, each weapon will be displayed to the user, then each weapon will have X number of available attachments. The goal is a weapon select screen similar to BF3/COD/MW3. So the way I look at it, this can be done by one of the following: [list] [*]Relationable DB [/list][list=1] [*]Each Item is pulled from Table "weapons" each "weapon" will have an attachment ID1, ID2, ID3, etc. ID1=stock, ID2=optics, etc. then there will be an "attachement" table with each available attachment for each section. [/list][list] [*]XML [/list][list=1] [*]Each weapon has a "weapon_id" and then each has X number of attributes leading to an "attribute.xml" file similar to the above. [/list][list] [*]............ [/list] I need suggestions or if anyone has any references that they could point me to it would be great. I am not looking for anyone to do this for me, I am just not sure what the "best" way to accomplish what I want to accomplish and the most secure, quickest, and extendable way. Thanks ahead of time.