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    OpenGl slower and slower!

    I have almost solved the problem. I didn't ReleaseDC after GetDC. After adding ReleaseDC, my code can run for 30 minutes while the fps is always very high. Thanks for everyone replied to the topic!
  2. wugamp

    OpenGl slower and slower!

    I worked with gDEBugger for the last two days and I found: 1. when my code gets "slower and slower", the value of "GDB GL Frames/sec" is between 0 and 1. That is, more then one frame per second. 2. At the same time, an information "Debug String: Warning: hDC is NULL in CWnd::GrayCtlColor; WM_CTLCOLOR not processed." shows in "Debugged Process Events" again and again.
  3. wugamp

    OpenGl slower and slower!

    I still cannot use gDEBugger now. Now I'm working with a very stupid method: I remmed some sentences and observed task manager. I found even glClear() can make memory-leak. See the code: void CModelDisplayDlg::RenderScene() { static float fShadMatrix[16]; float fShadowPlane[] = {0, 1, 0, 0}; float fLightDirect[] = {0, -1, 0, 0 }; glClear(GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT | GL_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT); SwapBuffers(m_hRenderDC); } Call RenderScene() again and again, and it will occupies more and more memory. But if I remmed glClear, it won't. Maybe I don't use glClear properly? to Mhagain: I timed with my mobile phone. In fact, I'm not interested in timing now. Task-manager helps more. to Larspensjo: I have two computers with different video car. One is NVIDIA but the other is Interl(R) HD Graphics Family (maybe ATI). Now I can only use the computer with Intel HD. GPU_MEMORY_INFO_CURRENT_AVAILABLE_VIDMEM_NVX doesn't work on it. Would you tell me some other name? Thanks for telling me the very useful method.
  4. wugamp

    OpenGl slower and slower!

    Thank you ALL! It's very possible that you are right. I checked the RAM with task-manager. The software snatches more and more RAM. At the beginning it occupies about 12M, then gradually increases to 18M. Let me take Jeffery's tool to have a try.
  5. I'm developing a 3D software with VC6 and OpenGL to simulate a rotating-eye, i.e. when I move the mouse I can see a machine from differnent view angle. However, if I keep rotating, It often gets slower and slower after running for about 10 mins. Sometimes it also gets dead. I have worked for days but I can't solve it. Now I think maybe the reason lies in video card driver. Here is information of my environment: GL_VENDOR: NVIDIA Corp. GL_RENDERER: GeForce GT 430/PCIe/SSSE2/3DNOW! GL_VERSION: 4.2.0 GLU_VERSION: Microsoft Corp. Do you think the environment is OK? Shall I re-intall the video card driver or change the option? Or if you can give me some other suggestion? Thanks a lot!
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