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  1. Blobs can make a joke of boss units. They get blobbed and after that they cannot do anything. Maybe I should allow them to attack the blob that they are inside so anybody can free themselves if strong enough. Or maybe the blob should be able to jump on someone who is lower level than the blob.
  2. Well okay maybe blobs are a bit too strong. But still, any units with area attacks make short work of them. 
  3. I think Battle for Wesnoth was created with the intent to help other developers by making it open-source. By the way, WarMage is open-source too. It has to be because that is needed to use Wesnoth assets.
  4. Blobs have a mana bar normally but I removed it from the video because it looked better without it. They have 100 mana initially. To spread they use up 20 mana and the baby blob will start with the parent's mana -10. They regenerate only 2 mana/turn. And they can shoot a new blob on an enemy unit at close range. This takes only 10 mana. This may need some fine-tuning but at the moment it works as you can see the sorcerer who shoots fireballs can easily finish the blobs. And if there are many close combat units the others can quickly free the blobbed one by killing the blob in close combat.   Another fun idea I had is that they blobs would get stronger when they eat someone. But this does not work that way yet :)   There are close combat units in the game who have 2 or even 3 actions (action = move or attack)   Thanks for the OBS advice I will try it!
  5. [color=rgb(29,33,41)][font=Helvetica] At the moment I am working on the blob unit. Anybody remember gooey blob from Chaos - The Battle of Wizards? This video shows a battle between various WarMage units.[/font][/color][color=rgb(29,33,41)][font=Helvetica] [/font][/color][color=rgb(29,33,41)][font=Helvetica] Dwarf < Blob < Sorcerer < Archer < Dwarf That is a full circle. There is no best unit in this game, all are good in different situations. Note that the blob is under development so this is not the final version.[/font][/color]
  6. Hello! I created a new indie Android strategy-RPG game called WarMage and I am looking for beta testers: [font=verdana]https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.warmage.game[/font] Most of the game graphics and sounds are from Battle for Wesnoth. So I am really grateful to all artists who contributed. At the moment I am especially interested in your device resolutions and Android versions and if the game can be installed and runs okay or not. Any ideas/bug reports/suggestions are very welcome: [email="nb@georing.net"]nb@georing.net[/email] The game is much more stable now than in previous versions. This is SpellCraft but I changed the name to WarMage. Regards, Bela Novak
  7. imoogiBG: Thanks! Did you try it on mobile device?   Update: I am working on the AI and now it can: -expand his territory -attack neutral monster groups -pick up treasures and equip the items -attack the player and burn his buildings
  8. What is your plan for advertising the game?
  9. Did you try hotseat multi with another android game? The project's lead (and only :)) tester said it would be a good idea. And I think I would glady play such a game with some friends.  And this game can be installed on a tablet as well. The scaling is a bit ugly (we can say it's retro :)) but it works.   I have to mention that 90% of the graphics and some sounds are from Battle of Wesnoth which is an open source game.
  10. I cannot make a poll here, I guess because this is a journal and not forum. So please add comments instead of polling.
  11. Hello! I am really happy with the progress on SpellCraft the game works. Now we have a somewhat user-friendly game with confirm dialogs, drag&drop, music, sound effects. The text adventure works with a background service and it is really cool to walk or ride a bike knowing that I can collect gold and artifacts neanwhile. I have a story map and I have random generated maps. So the next step would be to include ads and in-app purchases and publish at the stores. But when I make gameplay videos or get feedback from testers they always say that the game needs more work. So I would like to know which direction should I take? improve GUI add more units and map objects add two player hotseat option add enemy AI that builds, collects treasure, attacks, expands his evil castle other Can I make a poll here? Download .apk file from here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_qhyxHugUTOTUFsUEEwMm1POUk New gameplay video: Like it on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpellCraft-190522681363834/ Please let me know what do you think if you tried the game.
  12. This looks like minecraft with better graphics. :) What do goblins do if you have a full stone wall room with stone roof? Can they break it?
  13. This reminds me of Carrier Command (the 1980 game).
  14. ferrous: Thanks for the comment and let me know when you tried installing it! The Take All button is a good idea. I changed the loot screen so that now you just mark the item buttons with a single click and then you can take or sell several items at once. Selling items is possible at any time in the game so I did not have to change that.
  15. From the album SpellCraft