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  1. Hi, we are an Ukrainian team who develop a new MMORPG. Right now we are only at startup part of the project, but we look farther and have a problem which need to be solved somehow. The question is do we need some legal permissions and from who(association or something) to publish MMORPG on European and USA market. Any suggestions will be very helpful. Thanks, Timur.
  2. Hi, the question is which 3D Engine should i choose to make an awesome graphics like in Skyrim game where everything is moving (leaves, trees, grass etc.)open area? Now i have only very costly engines like Chrome 3D 4(? usd), Cryengine 3(? usd), Unigine(25000 usd). With free we have OGRE and Irrlicht but i don`t know if they will be suitable for this level of graphics. Also we have Essenthel(which is purely documentated) and C4(which have a ploblem with open areas). Budget is 1000 usd. Thanks.
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