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  1.  "While money is not a huge issue "   troll yes ha? I like the idea to hire Aeramor.     $99 vs $1,000,000 I see how they are equal and this is a hard choice. hahaha   $99+35% you make $2,857,142 in sales and with that you will pay 1,000,000 dollars in royalties thus profit = 1.85million Selling more is bad should have bought the other license vs. $1,000,000 you make more than $2,857,142 in sales and with that you will pay 1,000,000 dollars = 1.85million but selling more is GRAVY and additional fees are not added  
  2. StrangeTurtle

    Good habits for game development

      Finish what you start ... when you start a game, finish it.   This leads to a natural corollary, Don't start things that are too big for you to finish. To add to the "too big for you to finish, " I hope your big project reuses code structure from previous projects to increase familiarity and speed to finish.
  3. Hello  I would be grateful for any feed back before I continue making the rest of the game and will make an effort to implement the feed back.   The goal is to escape the underground facility. Every wall is covered in graffiti and contains items that can be collected and given to characters like the clown in the screen shot. The level Features a MAZE also. Music is salty zombie Drum and base. So far there is only one 10 minute level the download is at http://www.strangeturtle.com/   Direct download: http://www.strangeturtle.com/super/AugustEscape.zip  the .zip contains an executable java jar file. http://www.strangeturtle.com/super/AugustEscape-Windows.zip the zip contains a windows .exe created from the java .jar 61mb EDIT the config.txt First to change resolution and fullscreenmode Screen shot of game beginning. HINT*** To start you click on the clown then find the requested key, then re-select it in inventory(i_Key) and give it to the clown Nifty gui menu default font of course ha A shot of other side of the first room one of the required objects is a key The texture is changed and the key is removed and put into inventory All items found and given to clown the door opens to rest of level 1
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