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  1.  "While money is not a huge issue "   troll yes ha? I like the idea to hire Aeramor.     $99 vs $1,000,000 I see how they are equal and this is a hard choice. hahaha   $99+35% you make $2,857,142 in sales and with that you will pay 1,000,000 dollars in royalties thus profit = 1.85million Selling more is bad should have bought the other license vs. $1,000,000 you make more than $2,857,142 in sales and with that you will pay 1,000,000 dollars = 1.85million but selling more is GRAVY and additional fees are not added  
  2. StrangeTurtle

    Good habits for game development

      Finish what you start ... when you start a game, finish it.   This leads to a natural corollary, Don't start things that are too big for you to finish. To add to the "too big for you to finish, " I hope your big project reuses code structure from previous projects to increase familiarity and speed to finish.
  3. Hello  I would be grateful for any feed back before I continue making the rest of the game and will make an effort to implement the feed back.   The goal is to escape the underground facility. Every wall is covered in graffiti and contains items that can be collected and given to characters like the clown in the screen shot. The level Features a MAZE also. Music is salty zombie Drum and base. So far there is only one 10 minute level the download is at http://www.strangeturtle.com/   Direct download: http://www.strangeturtle.com/super/AugustEscape.zip  the .zip contains an executable java jar file. http://www.strangeturtle.com/super/AugustEscape-Windows.zip the zip contains a windows .exe created from the java .jar 61mb EDIT the config.txt First to change resolution and fullscreenmode Screen shot of game beginning. HINT*** To start you click on the clown then find the requested key, then re-select it in inventory(i_Key) and give it to the clown Nifty gui menu default font of course ha A shot of other side of the first room one of the required objects is a key The texture is changed and the key is removed and put into inventory All items found and given to clown the door opens to rest of level 1
  4. I was doing research of what is in a sand box game and some games kept coming up in the results http://en.wikipedia....ki/Sandbox_game Minecraft Garrys mod+hl2 source Both of these sandbox games are too difficult for one person to complete and quite robust each having multplayer rpg aspect player customization and a large community base but each are lacking because they are not "opensource" . Each game monetized there project and protected its intial design after success. Would any volunteer game programmers like to join in making a java open source sandbox game that uses the jmonkeyengine sdk (netbeans clone for java games). I can provide free file hosting and member organization for the project and help the effort. all that is required is java knowledge the jmonkey sdk and an effort to keep yourself updated on the project progress till the end. if any java game programmers are interested?????? send me an email [color=#ff0000][REMOVED CONTACT INFORMATION -- PLEASE USE CLASSIFIEDS] LATE edit seems my post should be moved to classified hobbyiest projects
  5. people often compare these open ended questions to HOW DO YOU MAKE A CAR? and often do not come up with useful responses adobe flash games game maker(beginner) slick 2d. jmonkey (is made for 3d but can do 2d just as easily looks just like netbeans java based applets/desktop aplications) basic 2d games can be made with many generic programming languages find an IDE you like and begin exploring the graphics end of that language. explore game tutorials for adobe FLASH this may be ur best platform to begin because you can deploy you game online easily
  6. I am interested in proximity based text alerts and basic Ai enemies walking in predetermined paths for a murder mystery game. Am I right to think that this is purely based on positions or will this get too cumbersome making me rewrite code. Hero is in position(x,y,z) and multiple bad guys are in different badguy(xyz) positions update_every_frame{ if (distance_from_hero_to_Badguy<10feet && line of sight=true){ create HUD text alert and give choices to hero} if(distance from object){provide specific HUD text based clues on that object such as you smell object nearby} if(click on object){provide specific HUD text based clues on that found object} } Is this correct logic that can be pursued or do i need to do more homework? I attached an image of some triple pre alpha graphics
  7. StrangeTurtle

    Text RPG - feedback wanted!

    i wanted to say tree menus but i just saw i was out of my league big time when i saw this list of 100 professional text rpgs http://www.mmorpg100.com/index.php?cat=text%20based which all have very extensive menus
  8. StrangeTurtle

    Text RPG - feedback wanted!

    cool. but i could imagine a very unorganized adventure because paths will be edited without regard to the writing style or physical location.ie you go north you find a space ship surrounded by jedi and small poisonous monkeys. is this greifing or by design? Should there be a set of editing rules for this game type? something that helps the editors quickly fix errors in all paths without having to navigate the game will make fixing hidden errors easy. perhaps visually showing all the nodes and the choices that connect them kind of like a road map or massive xml file. The reliability of Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reliability_of_Wikipedia
  9. StrangeTurtle

    Game: Last Square Standing

    score 914. pretty cool you def good if that took 3 days. Is seven classes a bit class happy? im a noob and have no idea.
  10. StrangeTurtle

    java libraries

    HAHAH that is the TRUTH
  11. StrangeTurtle

    java libraries

    Slick2d comes to mind so does struggling to install its libs. I prefer Jmonkey sdk and it can be used for 2d with fixed camera angles but it is a 3d engine and will act like one. i have made 2d enviroments with the standard java lib and 3d with jmonkey http://www.strangeturtle.com/JAVA.html also check out this opensource platformer game made with a standard java lib http://runeneo.weebl...platformer.html when it comes to physics and collision detection thats when the lib becomes handy and makes the game 100000 times more polished But you certainly dont NEED libs as seen from the links of working standard libs
  12. StrangeTurtle

    Smooth player movements?

    Check out this basic physics flash movie. http://www.rodedev.com/tutorials/gamephysics/ you need to keep adding acceleration over time to the velocity of the object changing its position until it reaches the final target location.
  13. I have a frame work down and i wanted to make a murder mystery game that i plan on open sourcing(making it friendly for others to code). The game currenlty has a menu and level loading system for sets of models/levels along with settings config.txt. I am down to feature implementation that defines the game. I wanted to tell the murder story using static models/artwork and popup text through out the map. Since i have no AI i thought this would be a good way to create a complete game. Any suggestions for making a non-moving npc text based murder mystery game? ALL IDEAS WELCOME!
  14. hi I am having collision problems and it stopped my progression in learning java ... (ive put it down for a couple of weeks) As it seems to just turn into trial and error as I cant seem to get the results wanted. I did have the charcter bounce off the wall in the negative velocity and this produced a glitchy very bouncy person It seems as I solve one symtptom another comes up such as sticking to walls or passing through walls in one direction the applet can be tried tested here http://www.strangeturtle.com/JAVA.html sprite sheet is here http://www.strangetu...spritesheet.gif view the full unglitchy(formatted) source code here http://www.strangetu...range61112.java Ive also attached the current glitchy version which has jumping in it.( just unzip and run the strange61112html.html) i dont know where the problems are if they are in key released/pressed or in plymove or all of the above. my goals were to have stable jumping and walking of course any hints in the right direction would be appreciated so i can move forward with other game features. thanks! edit: In an effort to increase replys:) all good replys that directly result in me solving the jumping collision glitches I will provide advertising link/picture on my web page to a link of your choice for atleast a year or more.
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