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  1. Thanks to all, i'll do it. I hope that early i'll can post some example.
  2. Hi there, a new channel added to Vimeo, please visit our page at http://t.co/gCP30Lcq
  3. I just uploaded "Vita da Barche" to Vimeo: http://t.co/g6puTnD4
  4. Hi my name is Emiliano is a professional composer and sound design based in Rome, Italy. I have read the previous posts and discussion all agree that music for a video game should also be evaluated according to its functionality in relation to the context of play. I wanted propose to someone of you to post some game sequences so that I can score it in order to successively obtain some feedbacks about my work. I think this is the best way to build a supportive environment for growth and technical work. Are you agree? Thanks Emiliano Imondi - Composer - www.wavecraftproject.com
  5. Posted a new song: "Soundtrack - Ambient - Fragmented - Daniele Furlan e Emiliano I..." http://t.co/aijc3H8c #music
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