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  1. cozman

    GLFT_Font problem

    Thanks for PMing me, I haven't posted on gamedev in a long time but glad to try and help out. First, tell me, are you linking against the .cpp file?
  2. Thanks to everyone who has been replying, I appreciate it. I've been asked to talk about what I'm planning, which is fair, although I'm not 100% on what it is just yet, so bear with me: In day to day development I use about 90% C++, 10% Python, although I've been feeling lately like I wish these numbers were switched (although it could be a language other than Python). I also caught the recent thread that asked the question if C++ was overused, and I realized in my opinion it really is. I think the fact it's overused leads to the abundance of game libraries available for it, which in turn leads to overuse. What I'm looking for is a sense of what language(s) are out there that people want to use or do use, but wish they had better APIs available. Then I'm hoping to start a project that is essentially an API which is designed to be for that language, I'm also considering putting together a collection of useful code and then if people are willing, having a group effort make that code available to a variety of languages. (Example: a C++ library with game-dev related functionality, then having a small Python team work on wrapping it into Python, a Lisp team work on wrapping it into Lisp, etc.) At the moment all that I know is that it will most likely involve a language other than C++/Java/C# (as they already have a large codebase to draw upon) and it will involve attempting to get some more choice out there for those who wish to program games/graphical apps. The reason I'm asking for questions is that I hope that if enough people respond I can get a good picture of where the community interest might be. So for those of you who are interested in doing game development in a less popular language, keep your answers coming in, I'm hoping to really get a lot of answers so that when I start on this it can be valuable to the community.
  3. I have an idea for a somewhat ambitious new project, I want to open up a dialogue with users of non-traditional (by which I mostly mean non C-based) languages. This is mainly those of you who are using languages like Python, Ruby, Pike, etc. although not restricted to scripting languages. If you could just answer a few questions I'd really appreciate it, I want to get a feel for what the "market" (no this isn't a commercial product) is, and what language(s) I should target. Question 1. What language are you writing games in? if C++ : go to question 2 otherwise: go to question 4 Question 2. What language do you want to be writing games in? if C++: go to question 4 otherwise: go to question 3 Question 3. What is keeping you from writing games in that language? Question 4. What libraries are you currently using (no matter what language you are using)? Bonus Question 5. If you want to develop games in another language, but aren't due to lack of suitable libraries, would you be interested in working on a project aimed at remedying the situation?
  4. cozman

    College students, post your spring schedules!

    Quote:Original post by Rixter Quote:Original post by ManaStone If you're Software Engineering course is anything like mine, you are going to be in for an exhausting semester. Or if it's like mine you'll come out of it feeling like you just wasted a lot of time, and that you would have been better off just buying a book to read, and you'll never want to have anything to do with software engineering again because you'll realize it's just the philosophy of the CS world and full of lies and argument. Patterns are cool though. From what I gather it'll be like both of yours, a ton of work and a general feeling that the course wasted all that time it took. So far it hasn't been _that_ bad (only 2 weeks in).
  5. cozman

    College students, post your spring schedules!

    Taking a bit of an overload this quarter Software Engineering Fundamentals of CS Theory (Grad Level) Ethics in the Information Age Constitutional Rights and Liberties Intro to Psych (self instruction) also Lab Instruction for CS4 all in all, 20 credit hours, I wouldn't do it (especially not with the Grad class on there) if it weren't for the Psych self-instruction
  6. cozman

    TTF fonts in OpenGL

    It's not really that hard to write your own using _the_ TTF reading library, Freetype. I've written a small solution that you can use or just learn from, GLFT_Font
  7. cozman

    OpenGL text

    I've written a small solution using Freetype, feel free to use it or learn from it GLFT_Font.
  8. I always use SystemRescueCD it's Linux based but extremely powerful (and yes it supports NTFS, I use it rather often to resize my NTFS partitions)
  9. It's probably a little late to start but I think I might give it a try since it sounds fun. I'm traveling almost all day on the 19th, so I basically have 2 days to work on it. (Today/Sunday) I already have a better graphics card 9600 Pro AIW, so I'll probably disqualify myself by having a second key do something ridiculous [grin].
  10. cozman

    First program in linux (sigh)

    unfortunately naming things test isn't a great idea, there is a program /usr/bin/test that interferes with this, referencing test ./test works, but in general naming programs 'test' isn't recommended due to test. for more info on the 'test' utility type 'man test'
  11. Video works for me, I'm building the source now to check it out.
  12. cozman

    OpenAL 3d sound quality?

    I understand that english isn't your first language but could you perhaps try to clarify what the problem you are having is? If your sound is 11khz quality is isn't going to sound any better because it's in OpenAL, but I don't know if that's what you're asking.
  13. cozman

    C++ Exception Speed?

    In my experience exceptions don't provide a noticable speed drop, unwinding the stack is slow, but that only should happen when an exception is thrown and therefore speed really isn't a concern. Just avoid the trap of using an exception to handle non-exceptional cases and you'll be fine. Also, I'm fairly sure (but not 100%) that RTTI isn't necessary for typed exceptions.
  14. The actual detection of dead code is separate from the concept of a profiler, it is not safe to remove code that is not reached in one particular run of an application since it may be reached in the next run. The only safe way to remove code is through code nested inside of conditionals which are never true (for instance while(0)) or for code beyond the return statement.
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