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  1. Hello, Can you folks share your experience regarding those two above mentioned engines ? I mean if game studios do use C4 engine in real life to make games and publish them in places like steam or is it just for armature / hobby game makers ? The same question goes for Leadwerks 2.5. If you are offered to choose one of them, which one would you choose ? Thanks,
  2. JuggernautDev

    Learning Open GL Advanced Features

    A stock recommendation is http://www.arcsynthesis.org/gltut/ I also like to plug the examples from my signature: https://github.com/p...OpenGL-Examples ;). [/quote] Thanks for the links. I guess, those are enough for starting now.
  3. JuggernautDev

    Learning Open GL Advanced Features

    Oh I see. Are NeHe tutorials updated to 3.x version ? Can you suggest online tutorials based on 3.x version that covers basic to advanced techniques that are available in indie game engines available in the market ?
  4. JuggernautDev

    Learning Open GL Advanced Features

    @larspensjo: Thank you for your advice. I will look into it. So I guess I am better off starting with NeHe tutorials I guess.
  5. JuggernautDev

    Learning Open GL Advanced Features

    Thanks for all the replies. In many forums on the internet I have seen comments stating that OpenGL 2.0 or 2.1 is a bit messy because the features are mostly available through extensions and that all drivers may or may not have support for all the extensions. They also recommend not to start with NeHe OpenGL tutorials and alikes because they are old school and are mostly obsolete code based on OpenGL version 1.1 and 1.5 and that the currently available advanced stuffs/effects that we get to see in commercial games cannot be achieved while using 1.1/1.5/2.0/2.1 - It is their opinion, not mine. I am just an OpenGL starter with a background knowledge in C programming (no C++). I had no idea that OpenGL Super Bible has in depth explanation of techniques and effects that we get to see in recent commercial games. I thought it just only covers the basics and so went to find some online tutorials that teaches the new comer from basics to the most advanced techniques used in the industry.
  6. Hello, I am looking for online tutorials on learning advanced features of OpenGL ( found implemented in game engines ) that are available in the more recent versions - 3.2 - 3.3 and 4.0 - 4.2 and that are at par with what is available in the recent version of DirectX 11. I have decided to skip OpenGL 2.0 version since it is at par with DirectX9 only and is almost 4 years old. What is your opinion on this ? One more question - will the game created with OpenGL 3.0+ or OpenGL 4.0+ run on Windows XP ? Thanks,
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