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    Mouse look script with java in Unity

    Oh I thought javascript and java were basicly the same idea...
  2. It says I have compiler errors. Anyone see something wrong? I have been checking this for about 10 minutes. public enum RotationAxis (MouseX = 0, MouseY = 1) var RotationAxisRotationXY = RotationAxis.MouseX || RotationAxis.MouseY; var sensitivityX : float = 400f; var minimumX : = -360f; var maximumX : = 360f; var RotationX : float = 0f; var OriginalRotation : Quaternion; var RotationY : float = 0f; var minimumY : float = -360f; var maximumY : float = 360f; var sensitivityY : float = 400f; function Update () { if(RotationAxisRotationXY == RotationAxis.MouseX){ RotationX += Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") * sensitivityX * Time.deltaTime; OriginalRotation = XQuaternion = Quaternion.AngleAxis (RotationX , Vector3.up); transform.localRotation = OriginalRotation * xQuaternion; } }
  3. I use Blender3D because it is free and can get the job done, but I recomend 3DS Max. It's more advanced and worth learning.
  4. Doneyes

    Where do I start?

    Thanks guys. I will really look into this.
  5. Doneyes

    Where do I start?

    Does it give me full control over my game? Can I code it to do anything I want? What code language does it use?
  6. Doneyes

    Where do I start?

    A few years ago I found a game called Roblox. It's a game for kids, but that is besides the point. The game included an engine which you could build and code on. So I learned LUA. I want to go on to bigger things and create 3d worlds in which you can roam. I do not have the slightest clue where to start. I am willing to learn anything. I have been working on Blender 3D to make and rig characters. I don't know where to start. Can someone help me find a guide or gives me tips? I am taking anything. Thanks.
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