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  1. The Vault Stud, spittin' game at Conquest No. 6. #FalloutShelter #penicillin http://t.co/R5oq4HgfIh
  2. olgo

    Where to begin

    Hi,     I've been using Unity for about 8 months.  That's also as long as I've been 3D modeling and programming.  I started with almost 0 experience (1 college course in C++ and some CAD basic knowledge helped a little) and I've been pretty pleased with my progress so far.  Unity has a great community and a lot of tutorials out there on their website as well as youtube.  It is also very well documented..  Look up Petey at BergZergArcade's hack n slash tutorial.  Unity also seems to be able to output to multiple platforms very easily as long as you purchase the mobile platform licenses.   So in short.  1 vote for Unity.
  3. Hi,     I've only been using unity for 8 months or so, but  I have one idea off the top of my head.     You could set up a SphereCollider or BoxCollider with isTrigger = true.  Have it encompass the areas of the game that have mood lightings associated with them.  In your OnTriggerEnter function, if Collider.other = player, manipulate your directional light gameobject accordingly.  Adjust the intensity of the light, maybe change the color, angle etc.   Make sense?
  4. I recently created a similar script to generate random towers.  Each piece of the tower is 1 level.  The object's origin is 1 connecting point, I then place an empty GameObject in the prefab as another connecting point.  The script cycles through each prefab, finds the empty GameObject, and instantiates the next prefab within it.     The end result is a long list of parents with their children.  The base prefab of the tower is the upper most parent and each level up the tower is a child of the last piece.  You can have the script run in a for loop to determine how many modules you want to link end-to-end to control distance.   I think your original question asks (correct me if I'm wrong), how do I keep my path from making 3 right turns and colliding with itself?    Have a variable track how many right or left turns were made, don't instantiate a third right turn if 2 have already been made, force a left turn module to be placed.   Hope this helps.
  5. olgo

    RPG Beginner Steps

    Last summer I decided I wanted to get in to game development.  I had only dabbled in programming in 1 or 2 college classes (i'm a mechanical engineer who switched from electrical engineering) and that was all the experience I had when I started.  One day, I discovered Unity and Blender and Petey at Burg Zerg Arcade and I've made progress I've never thought I would have made.  I've got a 3D world full of objects I created in a Blender, a moveable character with animations, AI controlled NPCs with animations.  It's all a lot of fun.  Petey has almost 300 videos on how he's creating a hack and slash rpg from scratch and its real easy to follow and learn from.  As a complete beginner I highly recommend Unity.
  6.   Nope. Don't do that. Bad idea. Haha, that was more or less a joke about how I have no real high hopes for my work.  My main goal is just to publish a finished game :)     BSchmidt,  thanks for that input.  It really helped me realize how there are so many recreations of the same idea (every game has goblins, trolls, ogres etc) but they all look vastly different with the same general idea.
  7. Thanks Samoth.  That helps put things in to perspective.  Right now I've only spent the time modeling and animating wolves and goblins... thing's I consider to be pretty safe.  I was just using a beholder / observer as an example, not that I feel I MUST have one in my game,  it just seems like a good example of something that would be in that iffy area.
  8. Thanks for the reply guys.  The part that's so confusing is that all of this lore is so entwined with ancient mythology and corporately owned IP its hard to tell what's what.  Then I see games that are property of neither of the big names and they use a beholder looking creature and call it a Watcher, will they sue me if I use Watcher? Will they sue me if i use the likeness of a beholder and call it a Pupil-Monster?  Was just hoping there was some kind of guide or resource for looking this stuff up.   My backup plan is that my game will sell so few copies that it will fly completely under everyone's radar.   Not that I'm trying to copy anything ... I just like to pull inspiration from and want to be set in this established high fantasy world.
  9. Hi guys,     I've searched all over for information on this topic, couldn't find anything.   I decided to find a good community to post in, so I hope this is it.     I'm wondering, what elements of the high-fantasy genre are copyright protected / public domain?  I realize elves and dwarves and goblins and orcs and general races like that must be public domain as they are used in an infinite amount of works.       What about more specific things such as Observers, Mind Flayers, and Bugbears?  Those are the ones I'm not too sure about.       Then even more specific than that, I assume are intellectual property, such as Drizzt Do'Urden or Volothamp Geddarm or Faerun or Amn.   I've been contemplating this because I am a huge fan of the high fantasy setting and I'm creating an RPG game.  I want my work to be inspired by Tolkein and Forgotten Realms but I don't want to cross any legal lines.  I want to have orcs and elves and the like in my game but I'm wondering "Can I have Observers? or do I have to change the name to Oogly Eyeball Floater?"   Thanks!
  10. olgo

    Where do I start?

    Unity uses C# and javascript. I've only been game developing for about 2 weeks now and I find it very user friendly with TONS of documentation available. Also, its free so you can try it with nothing to lose.
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