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    Trying to reinstall OS from Image

    Ok so I have a backup image of my OS (Windows 7) on an extrenal HDD. I have used it multiple times to restore my PC no problem. I tried to do it again and I got an error message saying that "I needed to format the partition before I could reinstall the OS." The only that changed since my last install is I split my HDD into two partitions. It reccomended that I create a system restore CD and boot from that. I did that and I got a error:   something like: "0x40012000100" (thats not it exactly, I am not on my pc to look)   I tried looking up the error and got no real leads. Anyone have any insight?   Thanks, Nick
  2. BambooCatfish

    Question about event handling

    Hey I know that "event" may not be the right word for this but I am making a RPG rouge type game and the basic premise I am working with right now is leveling up... The idea is when the player levels up they can select to raise thier HP, Power(attack), or Toughness(defense) by 1 point or take a "perk" instead. One of the perks I have in mind is a Lifelink ability... If you deal damage greater than 0 you gain a portion of that in HP.   In my mind I think of it as an "event".... Player dealt damage, any effect that activates when the player deals damage is activated and the code is run. I know events are used for GUI and input. Should I use delagates? I know I could just hard-code switches or if statements but that seems like a poor way of doing it... I have thought of an entity component system but that would requre a massive rewrite of my code and I am not looking to do that right now.   How can I implement something like that in a generic modular way where I can have diferent conditions that the perks could react to...(if that makes sense).   Thanks, Nick   EDIT: I think I found what I was looking for... creating a system that allows the objects to send messages to eachother when they do things, using a finite state machine. Any other idas are still appreciated!
  3. BambooCatfish

    Rudeness in computer science?

    Lol this reminds me of a quote from Frank Zappa:   "Anyone who spends the formative years of thier life mastering an instrument, is going to have deficincies in other areas."   Same thing to me with programming. Some people just don't know how to talk to people, others use thier superior knowledge to cover up for something else (my opinion). I feel as if I am good with dealing with people, I work in the food industry while I am in school and have to deal with all sorts of a-holes. The other day in fact a customer told me "I was the nicest person they had talked to" at the place I work. I'm not all fluffy and bubbly, just polite, and I took my time with them.To me it really doesn't take that much effort to take a couple extra seconds and be polite with somebody, your time isn't that valuable. Besides, it's probably less about what you know than who you know to get ahead. Be a person that people want to help succeed.   .02c
  4. BambooCatfish

    Healing system for JRPG

    Hi I feel like the others... It would ruin the game for me. If you don't want to use potions or anything maybe... At the beginning of the game you get an item like tent or some kind of warding spell that keeps demons away but you have a gauge or a bar of tiredness and you can rest to restore HP but the closer it is to being full the less HP you restore and if it is over a certain point you can t rest cuz your not tired. Maybe not what your looking for but another option instead of potions inns (albeit kind of like an inn).
  5. BambooCatfish

    Question about using "Game States"

    Thanks guys you all gave me a lot of options and a bunch to think about. I have to read through it all and decide what is going to work best for me, I'll be back when I have more questions.   -Nick
  6. BambooCatfish

    Question about using "Game States"

    Thanks it makes sense. That's how I was doing things. I guess I'll just keep doing that until it becomes to complex and I need to change.
  7. BambooCatfish

    Question about using "Game States"

    Sorry double post.... I had a thought.   I may have asked the wrong question or got my terminology wrong (still got some good info though!).   The project I am working on is (going to be) a simple turn based game where the player can move X number of sqares on a tile map and attack once per turn, then the enemies do the same. I am currently working on one thing at a time and right now the move action is what I am working on. I was thinking about states for this perticualar action:   1) pre-move state :  checks what tiles are available to potentially move to. any tiles that are bad are displayed red. 2.) get user input:    lets user use keyboard/mouse to select tile to move to. 3.) perform move:    if tile is good for moving, move player there. 4.) clean up:             reset whatever variables are needed.   Thats what I was thinking about when talking about states... handled the same way? Then if i have an attack action:   1.) check what is close enough to attack. 2.) let user to select from list of potential targets. 3.) attack target, deal damage, add effects, etc. 4.) check for death, clean up, etc.   i dont know how to handle that modularly.
  8. BambooCatfish

    Question about using "Game States"

    Right on, thank you guys for this info!   I actually had the L Spiro one saved in my bookmarks byt forgot about it (wayy to many folders/nesting :-/ ). I read through them both a couple of times and am still tryin to wrap my head around it.   So in the L Spiro one each state is a class/object inherited from a base class "GameState" or something and the information is passed from a instance/pointer of the Game class/object, with each state grabbing what it needs? I like this approach if thats the case.   The other one is alot to read and I have to read it a few times to get more of a understanding from it.   A follow up question... I am using scenes right now, similar to the states TitleScene, GameScene, OptionsScene, etc. I had thought the scenes would handle the states internally but from these approaches I should ditch scenes and make each scene a state? Would that mean its better to keep all my data inside the main game class instead of some sort of scene Object?   Right now i have something that looks like this ( in general)   class MainGame() { SceneObject scene; public MainGame(){} //constructor pubic void init(){} // init method. public void update() { scene.update(); } public void draw() { scene.draw(); } void changeScene(SceneObject newScene){} }   class GameScene: SceneObject { List<Enemies> enemies; PlayerObject playerObject; TIleMap map; public SceneObject() {} // constuctor public void init() {} // init method. pubic void update(){} //update stuff public void draw() {} //daw stuff. }   If this doesnt make sense let me know and I will try to explain better.
  9. Ok so lets say I have this:   enum GameState { load, pause, idle, movePlayer, etc... }   how is a good way to handle being in different states? The only way I know would be to use conditional branches in the update loop. ie: privave void update() { if (gameState == GameState.something) updateGameStateSomething(); else if (gameState == GameState.somethingElse) updateGameStateSomethingElse(); //etc... }   A better way?   Thanks Nick    
  10. BambooCatfish

    Feedback on RPG Assets

    Hi nice artwork, I like your style. I think its pretty good, but as suggested maybe try to get more colors in there. I also feel like you should bump up the contrast between light and dark colors a bit, for instance it is hard to see the definition of brown shoulder pads and the straps. I feel like the metal objects should have higher contrast, the edges wil look harder and it will "pop" more. I also feel as if the skin tones are too yellow, I feel like there should be more pink/red hues. Oh, and they first guy's eyebrows are different colors than his hair, that bothers me but if you like it then run with it.   These are just my opinions feel free to disregard them   Keep up the good work!
  11. BambooCatfish

    Rendering 2D

    Servant of the Lord- Thanks for the info I wasn;t sure how they were handled. The hierarchy definitely makes sense, hopefully I can put it to good use! BeerNutts- Yeah, basically I have a container that holds them in my renderer object. However, I am handling sprites and such by reading an xml file to load the appropriate data. so the "playerCharacter" doesn't actually hold is sprite it holds the ID of where it is located in the list of loaded images. the image is drawn @ the playerCharacters location. Thats how my tile map works as well loads the tilemap xml and adds the resources and reads what texture to use based on a textureID. Right now I am just rendering rectangles to get a feel for displaying the data and getting everyhting working right before I start using images and such for the widget/window Appropriate? Thanks, Nick
  12. BambooCatfish

    Rendering 2D

    Hi, I have question about rendering in general. I have windows or a HUD if you want... how do I handle telling the renderer to draw the informaiton for each window? should they just draw themselves? I'm not sure how to handle turning window specific information into a form that can be handled in a general sense by the renderer. Another way of putting it: I want the window to "tell" the renderer to draw it at a position and then to draw its contents, whatever they may be. Dont know where to start and I'm just scratching my head thinking about it. Thanks, Nick
  13. BambooCatfish

    New to this need some help

    Verik- Yeah I totally get what you are saying, "Make it work right, then make it more efficient", I am actually going for a CIS degree at my college, I am almost done but I havn't done any C++ in awhile so I am rusty... but anywhoo, another question ( I am full of them lol). I have a getBounds() method that returns a rectange that is the size of the graphic of the object at the objects location. My shield is going to be a circle shape and I would like if I could return a circle instead of a square but I can't override the method like that. I would really like my shield to inherit from my baseObject class as it has alot of useful methods that I do not feel like rewritng is there any workaround? Oh, and my playerobject is called playerShip or something like that I was just writing some quick pseudo-code. I haven't had much time to work on it, real life gets in the way but I'm sure I'll have some more questions as I progress. Thanks, Nick
  14. BambooCatfish

    New to this need some help

    Verik- Yes conceptually it makes sense... something like this in my level class? (it contains all the data for player, background, enemies, bullets, etc.) class Level{ Player player; GameInput input; update{ if( input.getInput() = foo){ player.doBar(); } } Am I thinking about it the right way? It seems like it could get complicated if I have multiple buttons pressed.... be-the-ero.net - Yes from your example I totally see the benefit of interfaces. A question though... I have render/ update methods in my baseObject that everything else is derived from. Is it better to put that into an interface or should I just keep it as it is? I am guessing if I dont need to override the functionality just keep it in the base class but if I want each object to hande the function differently make an interface? It is definitely a learn as you go process. Also, yeah I am slowly trying to refactor my code as I learn more about this stuff, it can get frustrating at times because I end up breaking my game every time i end up coding and end up recoding stuff but I am enjoying it and learning alot about it. Thanks Again!
  15. BambooCatfish

    New to this need some help

    Ok very cool, I have it working like be-the-hero.net suggested. I learned some cool things about interfaces and how to use them. I didnt make it so the weapon keeps track of its fireRate yet but that is on the to do list. Another question I have is where should I handle player movement... in the object itself? in the Level class? I have a camera class that handles scrolling but I am only using it for moving objects on-screen and determining if I should draw them or not. The way I have things set up right now the player doesnt really move left or right the camera translates everything and keeps the player in the middle of the screen, however the player will need to move vertically... suggestions? does it matter?
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