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  1. Bakuda

    Logic Pro X

    I think I'm going to wait about 6 months or so to let any bugs be ironed out, but if you do get it soon let me know how the transition is.
  2. Bakuda

    Logic Pro X

    So, three months after getting a new computer and finally upgrading to Logic Pro 9, Apple pulls a surprise move and out of the blue releases Logic Pro X.  I've been looking for this to come out for a while, and after holding out forever and finally giving up three months too early, I don't know what to think.   Anyway, for any of you who have taken the plunge I'd like to know what you think.  One thing that I'm very interested in is the new score editor.  Since upgrading to my new computer my older version of Sibeilus hasn't worked and I've held off on updating it for now.  I never liked the score editor in Logic and I'm hoping the new improvements will be good enough so that I don't have to upgrade my Sibelius.    So what do you guys thing of the new Logic?
  3. Bakuda

    My first soundtrack to a game (Still WIP)

    Fun little game, I can see myself returning to this when I need just a little something to take my mind off of things.  Great job with the music.  Can't help you out much with mastering, as that's something I'm in the process of learning more about myself.
  4. Bakuda

    Learning how to compose (better)

      That's great advise.  We used a program called MacGamut in my theory class (though we had a different name for it).  But a great free resource out there is musictheory.net.  There's some great exercises in both basic theory and aural skills.
  5. Bakuda

    Minstrel Forest - Need feedback

    I like this track...takes me to a faraway place.
  6. Bakuda

    Got Soundcloud?

    Awesome idea!  Here's mine.   https://soundcloud.com/bdavisbd
  7. Bakuda

    How to choose music and audio software

    I initially learned how to compose at school using notation on Sibelius, so when I started creating digital music I got Logic because of it's  score editor.  It didn't take me very long to get fed up with it and purchase Sibelius.  I agree...Logic's score editor is very basic when compared dedicated scoring programs like Sibelius and Finale.  However, now I use Sibelius and Logic side by side.  I score my projects in Sibelius and then export the midi over to Logic, where I apply the samples and then shape and edit the sound.  I wonder how many other people do something similar.  I know most composers here play the music in right from the keyboard, but when it comes to orchestral composition it's so much easier for me to compose visually with the score.  
  8. Bakuda

    Attending GDC

    You don't have any info up for GSC 2013 yet...any idea when that info will be available???
  9. Bakuda

    Attending GDC

    Actually...my San Francisco trip isn't panning out after all.  At first I was going to just make the trip anyway, but then decided just to forget it this year.  I'm just not sure it would be worth the trip to be one of those kids in that huge candy store (why do I all of a sudden feel like Charlie Bucket?).  I have the feeling that next year I'll be more prepared as well as more able to afford the audio pass.  
  10. Bakuda

    "You're Not Alone" Cover

    Well...I did it!  I just made the purchase!  Now I get to stare at the pretty box for another couple of months until I can afford to get my new computer =D
  11. Bakuda

    "You're Not Alone" Cover

    Thanks Kristoff!  I'll keep articulations in mind for future projects, now that I listen to it again with that in mind i can see a few places where that would've been nice.  As far as modwheel is concerned, there isn't one place in the song where the mod wheel is still.  Garritan uses the mod wheel to adjust volume and timbre, so it's constantly in motion as the piece progresses.     As much as I would love to try the more expensive samples, with EWQLSO gold on sale for $250 I simply can't pass that up.  Even though I could find better libraries this will still be much nicer compared to my Garritan library I'm currently using.  
  12. Bakuda

    "You're Not Alone" Cover

    Yes I plan on getting gold. I'll make the purchase today or tomorrow...it's 50% off til the end of the month. Unfortunately I can't use it til I upgrade my laptop in a few months.
  13. Bakuda

    Global Game Jam 2013

    Wow...that really does sound like a bowed psaltry!  I tried recording one once...and those are not easy instruments to record.  Wow....that's amazingly good for just using the caps lock keyboard.  I found myself in a similar situation once and downloaded something called midikeys...found it much easier to use than the caps lock keyboard   http://download.cnet.com/MidiKeys/3000-2170_4-31933.html
  14. Bakuda

    "You're Not Alone" Cover

    Yeah...it is a bit dry I'll admit.  I'm currently using Garritan Personal Orchestra, which are quite dry samples.  I'm just getting ready to upgrade to EWQL...so soon I'll have shiny new instruments to work with =D.
  15. Bakuda

    Attending GDC

    The expo pass gets you into the game career seminar, GDC Play, IGF Pavilion, expo floor, career pavilion, business center,and the IGF and choice awards.  Plus the mobile app and happy hour =D.  Any of these more worth seeing then others?
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