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  1. Thanks to you too beans222. I downloaded glew 1.8 and i am trying to see this code: [source lang="cpp"]#include <gl/glew.h> #include <iostream> #include <stdlib.h> using namespace std; void main(int argc, char** argv) { if(glGetString(GL_VERSION) == NULL){ GLenum glError = glGetError(); cout << glError; } else{ string version( (const char*)glGetString(GL_VERSION) ); cout << version.data(); } }[/source] But i am getting error 1282, invalid operation. It seems that it is because opengl context it is not setted up. How i can do that? Brother Bob, the nehe tutorials that i saw, are based on opengl 1.1 and they are, in my opinion, very good but very old. When i ask you before about a tutorial, i was thinking on a tutorial that explains how to configure visual studio to uses latest versions of opengl. Has Glew an implementation of latest versions of opengl or how it works to get functions work? I told that because although i am getting error 1282, visual studio finds functions that are part of latest versions! Like glDrawElements, for example. Thanks for everything.
  2. Thanks for your fast reply Brother Bob! I was trying to find a tutorial explaining me how to do that, but they seem to be hidden from me. Please, could you paste any resource explaining how to setup visual studio to use opengl 3.x or 4.x ? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello experts, I learned a bit opengl on version 1.1 . I want to upgrade my knowledge to actual versions but i am facing the first (stupid) problem on that. I am using Visual Studio C++ 2010 on a Windows 7 x64. My graphics card is a nvidia gt540M with latest driver. Well, on my visual studio i only found version 1.1 of opengl under include/GL/ . The gl.h is from the last century, and i think that libopengl32.lib is too. I spent last day looking for how to configure visual studio to use latest opengl versions, but i wasn't able to achieve it. Please, could someone explain how to get latest gl.h and opengl libraries and configure visual studio to start with latest versions? Thanks in advance!