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  1. Raytracing artifacts

    Hm since this would be representative to 0.000001m (at least in my raytracer), this should be close enough. I didn't notice that you already did the same thing by moving the ray away from the object as described by nfactorial (the result is the same as my approach). What is your value for epsilon?
  2. Raytracing artifacts

    I have had a similar problem with my raytracer. When checking for intersections, I used to compare the factor for the direction with zero to determine whether the object is in front of the view plane: ... t1 = object.intersect(ray); if(t1 > 0 && ...) ... It fixed once I compared to a value near zero, e.g. 0.000001 instead. I can only assume that some sort of floating point operation inaccuracy is the reason for the artifacts.