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  1. ISDCaptain01

    Want to become a Computer Scientist

    I chuckled at "computer scientist". Good luck getting a PhD to be considered one lol. The proper term your looking for is either software engineer or developer.
  2. ISDCaptain01

    Building A Game Engine + Game

    Its very draining to build an engine and a game at the same time. I did it and it exhausted my desire to code.
  3. ISDCaptain01

    Rate the code of my game!

    My code will make you bleed till your demise
  4. ISDCaptain01

    Rate the code of my game!

    I finished this 2 months ago but I feel like I should share it here: Heres a video of an uncomplete build: Why not post a video of the finished version? It crashed often, that's why I could not record it to the finish point. Heres the entire engine if you guys want to download it: download it as a complete zip file As for those of you who just want to install and run it: This was huge drain on my mind. I just don't feel like coding anymore after this game and haven't even touched C++ since late September. Take a look at my code and give me some feedback for the last time!
  5. ISDCaptain01

    Whats the point in hobby game programming?

    Actually Im doing a lot better now. I tend to think too much and bust my brain at times. Still continuing to work on my current project. When I started to make games, this was my thought process "I just want to see how all of this works, it seems like magic" Now when I have a handful of games under me, that thought quietly switched to this: "I wish I could do this for a living instead". its because I enjoy it so much. Just the thought of anything taking it away from me depresses me. Also ive worked really hard to get to the point i am, i dont want to just drop it and leave it.
  6. ISDCaptain01

    Whats the point in hobby game programming?

      In my personal experience, when I take several months off, and force myself to stay "off" for the time period I set in advance, it makes me eager to jump back in again when I resume.   I definitely agree with finishing your current project (even a rushed 'finish' is better than "putting it on pause"), and I also suggest giving yourself a "return date", say, 100 days from when you stop. You don't have to return after that return date, but you should force yourself to stay away until that return date. If you really enjoy programming as a hobby, then forcing yourself to stay away will help you recognize that. Absence, as the saying goes, makes the heart grow fonder.     Thanks, you are correct. I still do love it deep down. I just need to take a break. Coding a 2d engine tired out my brain looks like.
  7. ISDCaptain01

    Whats the point in hobby game programming?

    Yeah you guys are right. I think im just burnt out at the moment. Ive been coding nonstop everyday for 3 years straight. Im gonna wrap up my current project and take a break for a couple of months.
  8. Lately, I've been getting the feeling that all the hobby work I do is pretty much for nothing. Why spend the countless hours learning the material, making a kick ass portfolio, and improving the skills when there is no potential career or income in this field? Hell, I don't even have the relevant degree, that alone automatically kills majority of my chances of turning this into career. Why do you continue programming games when there is no future or payoff? I feel like ive been living a double life, due to my failure in college CS which led me to this path. I never should've put this effort when there is nothing to gain other than "fun". I don't know, maybe im getting depressed and need to take a break.
  9. ISDCaptain01

    Online Computer Science degree

    Id have to disagree woth you here. They are a big waste of time and money, especially since the cost keeps on going up. They arent relevant to what im majoring in and more than likely i forget all the material right after the term ends. As an accountjng major, i found art history to be waste of time and money. But unis throw the excuse of being "well rounded" just so they can jack more tuition money from you.
  10. ISDCaptain01

    Esenthel Game Engine has an Animation Editor

    Can I script gameplay logic in C++ in your engine.
  11. ISDCaptain01

    Check out my Zelda 2 clone

    This is probably the biggest and most complicated game Ive created yet. For this one, I decided to gather all the reusable algorithms/functions/classes from my previous games and create a 2d side scrolling engine which will make programming all of my future games much easier. It includes content agnostic ways of handling input, sound effects, 2d sprite rendering, parallax scrolling, primitive AI, basic collision dectection etc. Anyways Ill show you guys a vid of the game so far (it isn't complete yet):       Let me know what you think so far.
  12. Use Allegro 5! Its sooo easy to make games in if you know basic C++. Here are some excellent youtube tutorial playlists:   As for your questions   1) Ive only heard of SDL being used when Valve was porting a game over to Linux to handle input and windowing   2) Yes an engine takes care a lot for you and limits you as well. Use an appropriate engine that fits with your game. On contrary to your first question,      engines such as unreal and unity are very popular when it comes to professional game development   3) Sure you can opengl without sdl/allegro/sfml but why would you want to? Those three libraries make opengl so much easier to use.
  13. Has anyone read this book? Im thinking about getting because i want to get started in opengl game programming. It claims to use opengl 3.0. If anyone knows if its a good read let me know your opinion.
  14. ISDCaptain01

    I'm Getting Sick of The Same Posts Over and Over

    We all were noobs at one point and asked those questions. What if you got scared off by the same elitist attitude? You might not have even been where you are now. Something to think about.
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