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  1. kamalsiegel

    Cool new alternative to those lame wooden dolls for artists

    Awesome! Thanks Ravyne!!
  2. kamalsiegel

    Cool new alternative to those lame wooden dolls for artists

    Hi Manuel, if you click on the video you can get a better feel for how it works. Thanks!
  3. Hey artists community, I thought you might be interested in seeing this cool new product i'm working on. It's my humble attempt to provide the artist community with a better alternative to those wooden dolls. As an artist I've always felt we needed something with more accurate proportions and range of motion. Here are some images. What do you think? There's a video demonstration here: [media][/media]
  4. Hurry, only 8 days left to submit your art: www.digitalartfestival.com/artcall.html all you have to do is email your jpeg or submit a link to download to artcall@digitalartfestival.com Kamal
  5. Deadline is fast approaching. You don't have to fill out any forms, just click on the "I agree" button at the bottom and email them your work as an attachment or link. www.digitalartfestival.com/artcall.html
  6. kamalsiegel

    Digital Art contest - $3,000 prizes

    If anyone is interested, there's an art competition and submissions are due at the end of the month. All you have to do is email them a jpeg. More info here: www.digitalartfestival.com/artcall.html Feel free to ask questions. I'm helping organize the event. cheers and good luck! Kamal
  7. Hello Digital Artists! A call has gone out for this year's Digital Arts Festival competition. 4 winners will be selected for cash prizes ($3,000 total) and a number of others will be displayed publicly at the event and later at a spanking new digital art gallery in Redmond, WA (where XBOX Games Studios, Nintendo and a number of other game developers reside). And yes, an actual "digital" art gallery where they will have beautifully mounted flat screens with your work displaying digital art the way it was always meant to be shown. AND, every single entry will be publicly displayed on their facebook page with credit to the artist and their url. Talk about great exposure! It's a great opportunity to get your work seen and perhaps even win some serious cash! For more info go to: http://www.digitalartfestival.com/artcall.html Hope you'll submit your work. best wishes, Kamal The call is being put out by the Guild of Digital Artists:
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