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  1. makronik

    Define loop?

  2. makronik

    Define loop?

    I'll start this once I done couple of tuts etc ;) at the moment I am just printing and use if , else statements . thanks for the info
  3. makronik

    Define loop?

    Hello. I recently started learning c++, though I decided to start python first in order to understand what is programming etc. in order to do that, can someone briefly explain with is a "loop" and give a situation and a example so that I understand it in basic terms. thanks
  4. makronik

    Games Programmer

    So Unreal Engine 3, CryEngine 3 are coded engines that give a other organisation a easy step to do a game, and they use scripting so that they make their OWN kind of game , like an example would be the gamemaker engine, instead it is not drag and drop, everything in that engine is in place, only it need tweaking and own graphics?- that is the way I understood this or am I wrong? And other question is that can what is the difference between scripting langauges dynamic languages and traditional languages such as c++ and C# Is c++ is like html and lua or programming scripts are like javascript or something? I would understand it more if you explain the situation to webdesign ^^
  5. makronik

    Games Programmer

    Hello, I am new to the forum and also to the games development industry. In a business situation where a team is developing the game there are different departments of people that is designing different things for the game, like sound, editing , graphics, right? For programmers department, are there few people coding the game with different type of coding language or do one individual needs to know like C++ java and C# to develop the game? And the second question is what effective langauges I can learn in order to be a "Games Programmer" thanks
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