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    Super Mario 3

    Okay - so I'm working on developing two working levels should the one that I'm really hoping to develop not come through I can fall back on the easier one. I've been making some good dedicated progress. Now, I'm actually at a problem that I do not know how to even approach much less figure out. I'm working on Super Mario Brothers 3 - World 3 - not quite sure the level. But, the level starts with two platforms that move along a Y Axis, with a bit of movement along the X Axis, both move of their own velocity. Then there's another two platforms, these move mainly along an X Axis, with a bit of movement along the Y Axis, but both "fall off" at the end of their track. So, here comes the difficult part - how do I make this happen in Flash Builder 4.6 ???
  2. Looking for a tutor who knows how to use Flash Builder 4.6 and ActionScript 3.0. Need assistance ASAP.
  3. Wondering if there are any people who know how to use Flash Builder 4.6 and can assist in ActionScript 3.0? Need assistance ASAP
  4. I'm hoping that I can get some assistance, I've just recently started taking a Video Game Design & Development course at a vocational college. We're using Flash Builder 4.6 and ActionScript 3.0 to get started with a foundation. The book we're using is Rex Van Der Spuy's Foundation Game Design With ActionScript 3.0 - 2nd Edit. Our module project is due this Friday at noon, and I'm no where near done in any sense of the word. I've been having a hell of a time, and the instructor is doing his best to explain it to me but I'm just not able to retain any of what's being said. I could really use some additional help, and while I understand many may say that it's pointless to get help online in forums but I'm working against the clock, and any help is more help then when I first wrote this.
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