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  1. what are the advantages of starting with C# and python as apposed to say C++ or JAVA? i am fully prepared to take the necessary time to fully learn a language and implement the skills toward creating a game when the time comes, i just really want to know i'm starting off on the right foot before hand. thank you for your help.
  2. that is precisely what i was curious about with game maker, i didn't want to spend 3 months learning the program only to learn that the skills i have picked up will not be useful for me in the future. I am mostly just curious where i should concentrate my efforts, what would be the best use of my time when it comes to first learning how to make a game. what mistakes did everyone first make when learning how to make games, what languages would they reccemend first concentrating on, ect. Once i get started with this i will be completely concentrated on learning as much as possible, i just want to make sure i'm headed in the right direction first and not setting myself up for failure. my friend was stating i should use java as that would lead to being able to implement games into android devices? Although i am not completely sure about making phones games i wouldn't mind being able to someday have skills to create games on that platform. thank you for the advice with C#,XNA, and unity.
  3. i have some very limited experience with java. i see game programming as something i would be very interested in as something as a hobby to begin with and possibly more. I guess i am just curious where i should spend my time concentrating. I am mostly interested in management games, my ideas stem from games like football manager from sports interactive and Out of the Park baseball. My idea would be to implement other types of games into this sports stat model. i just need to know where i should start this endeavor. thank you for any help you can give!
  4. Yes. [/quote] so i should use game maker? is it the best program of it's type? what is your opinion of the java language for the game type i described above?
  5. I am currently planning a management/rpg type game which will be low in graphics and high in stats, not quite a text based game but the graphics/physics will definantly be of lower importance. I am new to programming and am mostly creating this game as a way to learn the language/more about game creation. i understand that this may take years to fully understand the language and am totally commited. so i must ask, what lanuage would you recommend for a beginner for this type of game? so far i am looking at Java, C++, C#, and python. would i be better off just starting with something like Game Maker and then head over to a language when i understand the basic ideas more? i honestly just want to dive head first into it but also dont' want to totally discourage myself. thanks for any help!
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