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  1. Hello everyone, let's discuss them. CentiLeo guys are showing the demos with ray tracing dynamics in 360 million polygon scene. Dynamics is something where ray tracing was criticised for: [url=""][/url] They support huge amounts of textures and geometry rendered on GPU, around 10x larger than the GPU memory can arrange. And all of this can be rendered very quickly in HD video on a laptop. Although it is not yet a fully featured product, but a project in progress. Their final images (noise free, full quality) are still around 1000x slower than current game speeds but these scenes are very huge for GPU to render and still pretty fast in photorealistic graphics liga. And it is great that someone can show the pros of fast ray tracing on really big scenes. This is not just a couple of spheres and planes used to be demoed by others. I would like to discuss the pros and cons of ray tracing again. Also curious on the guesses how their team did it.
  2. Discussion on GPU Ray Tracing

    The one is starting, others ray trace 400 million dynamic polygons using GPU, see demos