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  1. SvenLittkowski

    Wanted: Free 3D Game Engine for Farming Game

    Thanks again for the valuable input.
  2. SvenLittkowski

    Wanted: Free 3D Game Engine for Farming Game

    Thanks. Then I will start that download. Would the free beta be disabled when the full version comes out, or can it usually be continued to be used? Any experiences?
  3. SvenLittkowski

    Wanted: Free 3D Game Engine for Farming Game

    Hi, thanks again for all new input. I decided, after some research and comparison, for the Unity Engine, their free basic version.   New Question But I became aware that they also offer a beta testing of their new 4.6 Beta 20 and even 4.6 Beta 21. Does anyone know, if using their Beta versions, despite some mentioned activation licence, is free, or do they charge money for testing their Beta versions?
  4. SvenLittkowski

    Wanted: Free 3D Game Engine for Farming Game

    Thanks to everyone (without exception) for all these good and stimulating, and newbie-friendly answers. Your answers give me the direction to go.   Apologies for having introduced the idea to join, it was a "By the way" and not the main purpose of this thread. I am really posting here to get the engine selection off the ground. But I have posted already, a week earlier than posting here, inside the recruitment section, too, for another project where I even more need people to join.   I am experienced only in graphics, and I also know, what I want (game-look). I have only beginner experience with Blender, but created 3D scenes since over 20 years with POV-Ray (unfortunately not compatible to this project). And I do cross-breeding with plants, have some gardener's experience. Attachment: my little POV-Ray-constructed carrier spacecraft: yes, I do 3D, but not in a compatible way yet.   Programming: since 1989, but only Pascal/Delphi. But because I wrote POV-Ray scene code, I should be able to handle C in a not too uneasy way, as the general structure and ways are known to me.   I admit, there will be huge obstacles to me in developing a game, but I really want to go into it, and learn. I have so many good ideas to come, but need to be able to develop games in order to make them coming true (or through?).   I will check out Panda and Unity as engines. I was reading already about Unity, that the free version has no feature to "glue" feet on the ground (and hands on rails of stairs), hmmmm.   The game I want to develop, is made primarily only for me and maybe a small group of other persons (the chili pepper community), and a freeware project.
  5. Hi, like some others in this forum, I, too, seek assistance to find a suitable free 3D game engine. But I don't want to develop some shooter game, but a game where the aim is to find or discover special plants on the globe through some quests, and then to try to develop them to agriculturally usable plants through cross-breeding, and to operate some own farm. Like a chili pepper farm, ha ha ha!   Starting in ancient times and through invention and discoveries and research, and by espionage and torture of other farmers, more and more becomes possible on the farm. Trade and other interactions will become possible. Crazy, dangerous, mutated, intelligent plants, too, sometimes, after radioactive treatment.   Since I like graphics, i want to develop beautiful and realistic scenes for the environment, beautiful sunsets, and such.   Which free game engine can do the job for me? Suggestions?   If anyone wants to assist in the development, I welcome you aboard, too.  
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