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  1. I'm New To DirectX

    Thanks for the reply. I'm currently using DirextX, never used MDX. A wealth of examples exist on the net but fine tuning it is turning out to be a bit tricky without some in depth knowledge. Switching between chip-sets on video capture cards, for example, will produce funky behavior when streaming. Not to mention accessing different properties pages on different video capture cards. I'm currently streaming at 320,240, the most immediate need to jump that resolution up to 640, 480 (and beyond). Again, i've figured out how to do it, but it's buggy due to my limited knowledge of DirectX (I randomly get the blue screen of death). I figured it was simply time to jump in and become a DirecX programmer and was looking for a good jumping off point, but not one that is gaming related.
  2. I'm New To DirectX

    Hello, I've been a software developer for almost 15 years now and I've been programming with DirectShow/DirectX in C# for almost 2 years. My company streams video from cameras and we are using DirectShow/DirectX technology to do so. My ability to download samples off the internet and implement them into our application has worked fine so far, but we are beginning to grow in functional need and I really have to get my teeth into DirectX programming. Does anybody have any books they would suggest for me to start off with? Again, i'm not gaming, i'm streaming video from video capture cards and USB cameras. Also, is C# sufficient for DirectX programming, or would it be worth my while to learn C++ (something I've never used). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bryan